Zombies, A Surprise, An Oops And Fred And Ginger

Posted by on March 24, 2015

Friday 3/20

First day of spring and 58 days until vacation…65 til we be cruisin’!

I had a quiet, stay in my jammies and do nothing much kinda day.  Felt good but I also felt guilty.

We’d been anticipating rain all day and it finally hit us about 3:00 pm…BIG thunder, lightening and fairly heavy rain.  It rained for a couple of hours…off and on and the ‘storming’ only last 10 minutes or so.

I’m quite thankful that I didn’t have to go out in the rain or slog around in the mud to log vehicles but feel bad that Michael had to deal with it.  Except…he really didn’t have to deal with it…no vehicles came in while it was down pouring!  He did have some while it was misting but we can deal with that.

We were up a little later than normal last night so we called it a night earlier than normal tonight.  We went into the bedroom about 7:oo pm to finish watching a recorded episode of American Idol and when it was over Michael rolled over and went to sleep.  I stayed up a little later and started reading the newest installment of a series of books the girls (Kelsea & Amanda – our daughters in law) and I are a bit addicted to…it’s called Love & Decay…Zombies, romance, adventure….what more could one want???  LOL

Saturday 3/21

Started raining about 7:30 am and continued pretty steadily until early afternoon.  It stopped for a half and hour or so and then began to sprinkle.  It sprinkled for an hour or so but finally stopped completely by late afternoon.  My heart goes out to our fellow gate guards that have to endure the rain and mud.

Thankfully, with it being Saturday, Michael had minimal traffic and didn’t have to go out and get too wet.  He’s also surrounded by pea gravel so the mud isn’t too much of a concern…unless he has to use the outhouse…no gravel there!  :-/

I got a few odds and ends down around the house – the biggest of which was to wipe down all of our day/night shades.  They’re made of pleated fabric-like material so cleaning isn’t the easiest.  The best I could do without taking them off the walls and immersing them in water was to get a damp cloth and wipe them down that way.  It might not be the best job…but they look much better than they did.

Yummy green goodness

Yummy green goodness

I had plans to make a St. Patty’s Day cake but we were still working on Michael’s birthday cake.  I made it today instead….we’re both Irish so no harm, no foul!  It’s made using a cake mix, jello, pudding & Cool Whip…it makes for a pretty moist cake and would work with other flavors of jello for different holidays or purposes.

Sunday 3/22

Michael found out shortly after getting to work that he was getting 11 casing trucks again this morning. The truck pusher emailed Michael the list of drivers/truck numbers so he was ready for them when they got there starting around 7:30 am.  By the time the last truck was unloaded and pulled out and all of the extra help that came in to unload the casing left it was early afternoon.  It helped pass the time and there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic other than that.

I heard a horn ‘honk’ outside the coach and looked out to see a truck parked on the road in front of the coach.  I figured they were looking for someone and had the wrong place so I opened the door to tell them that.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually our friend, Hans, who is a safety guy for StatOil.  He was going between locations and stopped to say ‘Hi’.  We visited for a little while before he had to head on down the road.  What a surprise!

Monday 3/23

I drove Michael to work again this morning so that I had the truck to run errands.  After dropping him off I drove over to Yorktown to pick up ice, donuts and kolaches (yummy!)  I dropped the ice off at home and then continued to Michael’s gate to drop off his breakfast.



I went home for short bit before heading into Kenedy for mail and groceries.  As I passed through Runge (7 miles from us) I was shocked to see that part of the building that holds the laundry where I washed the rugs a week or so ago had collapsed.  The place is an old gas station and the part that collapsed is the old awning that went over the pumps.  The laundry is on the opposite end of the building so it wasn’t damaged.  It’s an old building in need of lots of repair so it really shouldn’t be too surprising, I guess.



Our poor truck has been covered in mud and filth for weeks now.  With all the rain and the dirt roads we travel on it had taken its toll so I decided to make a pit stop at the car wash in Kenedy and at least spray the truck down some.  It still needs a really good wash but it looks SO much better than before I started!



Michael requested that I bring BBQ home from Lazy J Bar-B-Que.  He also requested ‘extra’ for sandwiches.  Of course, I complied. I got us each a plate (brisket for him, ribs for me) to go and joined him for lunch.  It was nice to enjoy lunch together.  Michael had very few vehicles while I was there so we were able to enjoy the time together in relative peace.

Michael giving "Ginger" some lovin'

Michael giving “Ginger” some lovin’

Michael hadn’t seen Ginger for several days…guess she went home.  While I was there for lunch, she showed up….with a boyfriend in tow!  He was clearly the ‘boss’ as she followed him everywhere.  I had a hard time getting her to come to

Gingers beau, "Fred"...or maybe he's her brother??

Gingers beau, “Fred”…or maybe he’s her brother??

me so that I could love on her and give her some of the dog treats we have on hand for just such an occasion.  I decided we better call her boyfriend Fred…gotta have a Fred to go with a Ginger!  He didn’t stay very long and as soon as Ginger had her treats she meandered off after him.




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