New Neighbors, Drainage & Family Tradition

Posted by on March 16, 2015
Our three neighbors - all oilfield workers

Our three neighbors – all oilfield workers

We woke up this morning to find that we had a new neighbor….so we now have 4 RVs in our itty bitty parking lot.  There are 6 spots here but actually only 5 that are usable.  After we parked in our spot and hooked up to the power we found that the power didn’t work.  The owner told us to go ahead and use the power from site 2, which we did.  Us using the power from site 2 makes it unusable by anyone else. So that just leaves the site on the opposite end of us (site 6) available.

My ‘big’ chore for today was to defrost the freezer.  Frost was built up pretty good but once I got all the food out and stored in a cooler, it thawed pretty quickly.  I let the freezer dry out a little longer than I normally do to get us much time out of this ‘thaw’ as I can.

Draining the fresh water tank

Draining the fresh water tank

Michael messaged me and asked if I would drain the  fresh water tank so that he could treat the water tanks with bleach this evening when he gets home.  No gate guard is a fan of the water that is provided while on a gate, so once we’re done gate guarding Michael likes to sanitize the tanks and lines so that we can, once again, use that water that flows through the lines for more than just showering and washing dishes.

I had no clue where the fresh tank drain was but with Michael’s tutelage I found it and got’er done!  After bringing the off-door side slide in I easily find the drain behind the back tire.  It’s a blue PEX line with a valve on it.  I just turned the valve and the water started to flow.  It took a good 2 hours for the drain to completely drain.

Meep Meep!  Road Runner!

Meep Meep! Road Runner!

I happened to look outside just at the right time this morning.  I saw my first road runner in this area.  I’d seen a few while we were over in ‘Timbuktu’ last December but never any over here.  He didn’t stay around long enough for a good photo session but I got a fairly decent one.  Hopefully he’ll come back and I can get some better pictures.

Michael's view from 'the office'

Michael’s view from ‘the office’

Michael had another quiet day at the office.  His big highlights were when someone came in to move the crane because it was only 500 feet from the power line and ‘they were afraid it was going to jump up and touch the line’…per the guy that came in to move it.  All they ended up doing was swinging it toward the rig.

His next big highlight was catching a glimpse of 2 deer as the crossed the lease road between him and the rig.  No pictures as he just happened to see them out of the corner of his eye and they were gone before he knew it.

Mark, the supervisor of the Whitsett GGS office, stopped by and filled the diesel on Michael’s lifeline trailer, dropped off a flag pole and an extra sign for the oil company to put their name on.  Times must be really rough as we’ve never had him service us before…always one of the techs….but they’ve laid off a lot of the techs so I guess he’s helping out where he can.

The guy that has been working the night shift was just a temp until the permanent guy could start this evening.  He’s never gate guarded before so he came in at 5:30 pm so that Michael could ‘show him the ropes’…thankfully it’s not a hard job so I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it in no time.

For dinner this evening I went out of my comfort zone a bit and tried making my Grandma’s German Potato Salad.  It has always been a favorite dish with my older siblings and my mom & Al…not something I ever even attempted to try to eat.  Within recent years I finally tried some (but not my grandma’s recipe) and found it pretty tasty.  My sister made my grandma’s recipe last summer and it was pretty darn good so I thought I needed to bite the bullet and give it a try myself and try to carry on the family tradition.

It was actually pretty nostalgic.  As I peeled the cooked potatoes I couldn’t help but think of my mom doing the same thing while I sat at the table and watched.  The smell of the vinegary sauce mingled with the scent of crisp fried bacon….great, great memories…I sure do miss my mama.

I think my mom and grandma would both be happy with the way my German potato salad turned out!

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