Ship-Shape & Falling Into A Routine

Posted by on March 15, 2015

Saturday 3/14

I had pretty much gotten Michael’s breakfast and lunch ready last night so all I had to do was put it in his cooler and send him on his way.  Breakfast was a kolache and donuts (the remainder of what I purchased Friday morning).  Lunch was leftover chicken fried steak, corn and cole slaw.  Easy stuff!  🙂

Michael’s “shack partner”, Kenneth had a slow night last night….logging just 16 vehicles in during his 12 hour shift.

Just a few trucks hauling casing waiting to shed their loads.

Just a few trucks hauling casing waiting to shed their loads.

Michael started his morning by logging in 11 casing trucks.  He was given a list of drivers names and their truck numbers by the truck pusher so when he greeted each of them with “How you doing, (using their name)!” they were all quite surprised!

He actually had a fairly busy (80+ in & outs) day, which I’m sure helped to make his day go fairly quickly.

Had a bit of drama this evening when Kenneth (the guy that relieves Michael) didn’t show up on time.  Was a bit concerning as the last few days he’s been there at least a half hour early.  Michael didn’t have his phone number to check on him so I ended up calling Kevin, who called Austin, who called Kenneth’s wife who said he’d left for work over an hour ago.  Austin then called me to let me know and while I was talking to him on the phone Michael messaged me to let me know that Kenneth had showed up.  Whew!  Was really starting to worry!  **Cell phone reception is pretty bad so Michael couldn’t make the calls….but he could message me on his laptop and ask me to make the calls.

Michael, as well as the rest of you, knows how much I enjoy the he made sure to send me a pic of his new found neighbors when they came to visit!

Michael, as well as the rest of you, knows how much I enjoy the cows….so he made sure to send me a pic of his new found neighbors when they came to visit!

As for me…I was extremely lazy…after taking a shower I put on a housecoat and stayed in it all day.  I did, however, get a load of laundry done and make dinner.

I had dinner almost ready when Michael got home.  I used some Frac burgers we had in the freezer and made ‘Frac Burger Surprise’.  I sauted some onion in a skillet, add the burgers (crumbled), added beef broth, cream cheese and then threw in some Amish egg noodles.

Sunday 3/15

Since Michael’s relief didn’t show up until about 6:45 pm he told Michael not to come in until 6:45 am..which was nice.  I got up at 5:30 am so that I could get some breakfast made…which took longer than anticipated and I had to end up packing it up and sending it with Michael to eat when he got to work.

Since my get up and go was gone yesterday, today I got right back to work on getting the house ship-shape.  I washed all of the mirrors, TV screens, fireplace glass and inside of the windows…had just enough glass cleaner to finish everything up.  I also gave the microwave a good cleaning inside and out.

I took a little bit of time to do a thorough inventory of all the food in the house (pantry, freezer & extra stored).  I like to keep an accurate inventory so that when it’s time to go grocery shopping I’m not buying something I don’t really need.  Since I haven’t been keeping the best track….I have 2 extra jars of mayo and 2 extra bottles of ketchup.  While I was doing my inventory I noticed that it was time to defrost the freezer….another day.

Yummy comfort food

Yummy comfort food

I also got back to work on the floors that I hand washed a couple of days ago.  Today I did a quick wipe down as they were looking pretty darn good.  Then I was able to put 2 coats of Mop & Glo on the floors and they look SO nice!

I made lemon poppy seed muffins for tomorrow’s breakfast and Chicken with Orzo & peas for tonight’s dinner.  It’s a pretty easy recipe and makes quite a bit so we have plenty for another meal (lunch).

Michael’s day was pretty slow…by noon he’d had a total of 5 vehicles pass through the gate.  He figures that by the end of the day he had a total of 15 vehicles.  Thankfully he has internet (he took one of our internet cards) to keep him occupied.  He’s also done a couple of some projects on the guard shack…which helps too.

He’s starting to learn most of the rig crew and falling into a routine but most of all he’s lovin’ making more money for less hours!

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