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Posted by on March 13, 2015

Today was Michael’s first full 12 hour day in the guard shack.  I drove him over (1 mile!) at 6:00 this morning as I had errands to run later in the day.

After I dropped him off I drove over to Yorktown (7 miles northwest) to pick up some ice and then made a stop at the Donut Palace for jalapeno & cheese kolaches and donuts, which I took back to Michael.

This cool dude was sunning/drying? himself when I left to do my errands

This cool dude was sunning/drying? himself when I left to do my errands

Then it was back home to do a few chores and to gather a few items that Michael wanted/needed…power cords for his phone & laptop, DVR player w/movies, lunch, medications and his hearing aid of all things!

The 'office'

The ‘office’

I dropped off all of Michael’s wants/needs and then headed off to do my errands.  My first stop was at an itty bitty laundromat in Runge (about 7 miles southeast) so that I could wash the 3 floor rugs we have in the kitchen area…the recent rain and mud really did a number on them but they’re look good as new once again.

Itty Bitty laundromat!

Itty Bitty laundromat!

I spent the 45 minutes it took to wash and dry the rugs sitting in the truck checking email, text messages and Facebook so the time went pretty quickly.

From there it was on to Kenedy to pick up the mail (and packages from Amazon), Walmart for just a couple of items and a quick stop at Church’s Chicken to pick up some cole slaw & biscuits to go with tonight’s dinner (salmon & shrimp).

I was back home shortly after 3:00 pm and on my way out the door again about 5:45 pm so that I could pick up Michael from work at 6:00 pm.

Michael’s day went well.  He took our internet card (we have 2) with him so he had internet, listened to Pandora, made the ‘shack’ his own and logged about 25 or 30 vehicles in and out.

Our 9 tenths of a drive gets us home pretty quickly so I made a quick dinner, which we enjoyed together (didn’t get to do a whole lot of that during that 35 day frac!).  I cleaned up while Michael retired to his recliner.  We have a little bit of time to relax and unwind before we call it a day.

It was a good day!



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