Time To Share

Posted by on March 11, 2015

Ok…I know the suspense is killing you so it’s time to share about the opportunity that was presented to us last Friday.

While Kevin, our service tech, was here to give us water & fuel he said to Michael, “I have to ask you something”.  It seems that one of the oil companies that contracts with Gate Guard Services has decided to start using guard shacks rather than couples in their RVs.  To man those guard shacks they want ex-military MEN.   BUT…they’re willing to pay more for less hours….so rather than the 24 hours the 2 of us are working it will just be 12 hours per day…but just Michael.

Since our RV wouldn’t be parked on site, we would also need to find (and pay) for a place to stay.  The upside to this would be that we’d have less wear and tear on the coach and it wouldn’t have to be subjected to the terrible roads…rocks, dust…mud that it currently has to deal with.

So we asked Kevin to give us some time to discuss it and we’d call him in a couple of hours.  He was good with that as he wanted to call his boss and get as many more details for us as he could.

It didn’t take a whole lot of discussing as Michael pretty much had made up his mind right away that he would do it.  It was more $$, less hours and guaranteed work.  With the oil field lull gates have been hard to come by and we have no idea when/if we’d get another gate when this one closes.

However, I felt bad that he’d be working 12 hours per day and I would be nice and comfy at home…but he assured me that he was fine with it and really wanted to make the extra $$ for the remaining 9 or so weeks we have left before we depart the oil patch.

So…I texted Kevin back and let him know that ‘yes’ Michael would be willing to work the guard shack gig.  We didn’t hear back from Kevin so we just kept working our gate as normal thinking that maybe the whole thing fell through.

Yesterday when I was on my way home from Kenedy about 4:00 pm Kevin called and said ‘they want to put the guard shack up tomorrow and have Michael start working then’.  Whoa!  My mind was whirling. We didn’t have a place to move the coach to yet, there’s no way I could pull it to wherever we decided to park, etc etc etc….

We had hoped to have at least a day off between leaving the gate we were on and Michael starting at the guard shack.  That would give us time to find a park, move to it, get settled in and for Michael to try to get back to a day time schedule.  That was not in the cards.

We ended up running around like crazy people getting things packed up (remember we thought we’d be here for another 3 weeks or so) while also logging the night shift in and out and eating dinner.

I also called an RV park in Nordheim to see if they had any open spaces…they did!  I called this particular park (just so happens to be the only park in Nordheim – population 315) because it is supposed to be fairly close to the place Michael willbe working.

We still don’t know a whole lot of particulars at this point…shift hours, we do know he’ll be working with a rig, but don’t know how long they’ll be where they’re at, how many wells they’re drilling, who will be working the opposite shift as Michael.  But as soon as we get all that stuff figured out, I’ll let you know.

We do know that a relief couple is due to relieve us of our current gate about 9:30 am this morning (Wednesday) and then we’ll go straight to Shady Acres RV Park in Nordheim and get set up and then Michael will go to work at the new place….but that’s it.

Wish us…or rather Michael luck!

Oh…and today is Michael’s 51st birthday!



8 Responses to Time To Share

  1. Dorothy van Opstal

    So glad for you! God was busy as one door was closing, He opened a window of opportunity for you. Good luck, Michael, and you know, for all your hard work, Kelly will be there to take care of you when you are off. All the best to you both 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much, Dorothy! More spending money for Goshen! 🙂

  2. jbeletti

    Wishing you all the best with the new gig Kelly and Michael.

  3. Mick

    Good luck with your new adventure…and happy birthday Michael…March babies rock!!!

    • Kelly

      Thanks, Mick! And you’re right! March babies are the best…me, you, Mike, mom, Al and my Grandma! Go us!

  4. Denise Wilson

    Wishing the both of you the best! Good luck with the new job Mike, I know Kelly will take good care of you when you are home.

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