Taking Up Residence In Nordheim, Texas

Posted by on March 11, 2015
All that mud made quite the mess on the front of the coach!

All that mud made quite the mess on the front of the coach!

Getting hitched up this morning was not the easiest task.  With all the rain we had a couple of days ago the mud was in abundance and Michael did quite a bit of slippin’ and slidin’ but actually did much better than I thought he’d be able to.  Rather than pull the coach forward through the mud he was able to just back it up where there was gravel and we were ready to go.

We’d made arrangements for our relief gate guards to be at the gate around 9:30 am today and they showed up about 9:45 am.  We got them situated and handed off the log in sheets and were on our way.

We stopped in Kenedy at the Valero to fill up both tanks with diesel and we also made a stop at Subway on our way through town so that Michael would have a sandwich for lunch while he was working.

Our new home...what you see is the ENTIRE RV park!

Our new home…what you see is the ENTIRE RV park!

We had an uneventful 32 mile drive to Shady Acres RV Park in Nordheim.  We are just down the road from one of the gates we worked last year.  The RV park is more of a parking lot for 6 RVs but it has full hook ups, wifi, trash pick up and DirecTV…for $375 a month.

There are only 2 others RVs here and we’re kind of out in the middle of nowhere so it should be nice and quiet.


Ahhhh....the view from our front door...now I feel at home!

Ahhhh….the view from our front door…now I feel at home!

We have what looks like a pasture of some sort across the road and I was hoping to see some cows or horses….and I got my wish!  Cows!  Black cows!  Woohoo!  I’m a happy girl now!

There is no one here maintaining the ‘park’ so when I spoke to the owner on the phone he said to just pick a spot, settle in and he’d be by sometime to pick up the lot fee.  Nice.

After we got settled into our spot…water, electric sewer & satellite set up as well as the inside situated Michael hopped in the shower as he was full of mud from getting hitched up at the gate.  We were told that he’d have to work today once we got settled.

As Michael was getting out of the shower I got a call from Kevin that they weren’t going to be able to get the guard shack set up today and that it wouldn’t be until about noon tomorrow.  He apologized for having us rush to get here but we were fine with the delay as it worked much better for us…giving us time to relax, go out for Michael’s birthday dinner and get a good nights sleep with no bells going off before he starts his new job.

Our ‘landlord’ came by about 3:00 pm and we found him to be a really nice guy…probably around our age.  We chatted for quite a while and he gave us some recommendations for things to see and do in the area.

The rig...taken from where Michael will be working.

The rig…taken from where Michael will be working.

We decided to go to Aunt Di’s in Yorktown (about 7 miles up the road) for dinner.  We’d both been there a couple of times last year with other gate guards but had never been there together.

The rig....taken from in front of our coach

The rig….taken from in front of our coach

On the way to dinner we decided to find the rig that Michael will be working. The rig is actually only a mile away from where we’re staying…so that’s AWESOME.  Didn’t realize it until we got home but we can see the rig from home.

We had plenty of time to spare before the restaurant opened for dinner at 5:00 pm so we drove around the Yorktown metropolis (population 2215).  There’s a small grocery store (Lowes), a Dairy Queen, Subway, Donut Palace and several other restaurants.

This is just a small portion of what we assume are vultures of some sort.

This is just a small portion of what we assume are vultures of some sort.

As we were driving down one of the streets we saw a bunch of big birds on the ground and were trying to figure out what kind they were when we noticed they were flocking around what looked liked some animals on the ground alongside the road.  Turned out there were 3 dead wild boar and parts of a 4th one that they were feasting on.  The flew off into the trees when we got nearer and once I started looking around I couldn’t get over how many there actually were…50 or more I’d say.

Dinner was enjoyable.  We both had a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup and ordered today’s special chicken fried steak with french fries…corn for Michael and green beans for me.  The soup was quit filling so we each ended up bringing about 3/4 of our chicken fried steak home.

We got home about 6:15 pm and were both pretty darn pooped so we decided to head to bed, watch a little TV from the comfort of our bed and call it a night very early.

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