On To The Next Phase…Drill Out

Posted by on March 10, 2015

Most of the supporting crews were gone by 9:00 pm last night.  But the majority of the Halliburton crew didn’t pull out until about 2:00 am.  But then there were the transport trucks and flowback trucks that were in and out throughout the night so Michael was definitely busy.

While all the trucks were staging on the pad behind us on Monday there was also a crew back there getting the well that is on that pad up and running again.  I don’t know why but any nearby wells have to be ‘turned off’ when another well is being fraced.

The rain finally stopped yesterday afternoon but left behind a big muddy mess.  I’m sure it will be several days before it’s all dried up.

I dusted a couple of days ago and believe it or not…the house still looks pretty good.  See??  There is an upside to all this rain!  Always a silver lining….

Our big light set died last night.  Michael noticed it wasn’t on and went over to turn it back on and it wouldn’t start, stay on for a little bit and then make a ‘click’ and go off.  He tried several times but the same thing happened each time.  He called Joe (the site supervisor) to let him know and also to let him know that one of the neighbors complained about the trucks driving too fast down the road.  By the time I got up in the morning we had a new light set.  Good bunch of guys to work with.

Here comes Coiled Tubing

Here comes Coiled Tubing

The company guys started showing up about 6:00 am while the supporting coil crews started trickling in about 7:00 am.  Coiled tubing cannot be on the road while it’s dark out so they didn’t actually make it here until 10:00 am.

From what I’m hearing they’ll be rigging up today and should start the actual drill out tomorrow.  They have about 100 plugs to drill out and then something to do with ‘sleeves’…over my head…but whatever it is the company man said they should be here about 10 days.

Once again, we’ve had several of the same guys we’ve worked with in the past which is great!  It’s nice to see that they remember you and are legitimately happy to see you.  One particular brother duo came in today and remembered me before I remembered them.  But all the driver had to do was start spelling their last name to refresh my memory… ‘Zuy….’ and I yelled…’the Z Brothers!’.

I made a run into Kenedy to pick up mail and do some grocery shopping this afternoon while Michael watched the gate.

Since we no longer have catered meals I had to make dinner…which felt good!  I made Scalloped Potatoes & Ham in the crock pot which is a recipe given to me by our daughter in law, Amanda.  It’s super easy and pretty darn tasty too….which makes it a great

Oh Oh!

Oh Oh!

We were eating dinner during shift change and the last guy to come in was one that was here earlier in the day to help rig up.  As Michael was logging him in we noticed smoke coming from under the hood of his truck and then a bunch of fluid poured out from underneath the front end…..looked like radiator fluid.

He ended up leaving the truck where it was and walked down to the pad.  He called someone with his company and they told him to go ahead and drive down to the pad.  Michael was a bit leery of him tearing up the motor by driving it…but that’s what he was told to do…

Do you remember last Friday when I told you that we had been presented with a new opportunity?  I’ll fill you in tomorrow…I promise!  🙂

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