Drawer Rebuild, Jokesters & Cold

Posted by on February 28, 2015

We store our pots and pans in the drawer under the refrigerator…they fit great.  Unfortunately they were a little too heavy for the thin drawer base.  Michael being Michael decided it was time to ‘rebuild’ the drawer using a sturdier board for the bottom.  The last time he was in San Antonio he purchased the items he needed and then he just had to wait for the cold weather and wind to abate.

My Handy Guy at it again

My Handy Guy at it again

It took a week but he was finally able to start his project on Thursday when we had a nice day.  He worked outside after he got up and before he shift started.  He was able to get the drawer box (minus the bottom) put together before the temp dropped and the wind started blowing pretty good.  Now just to wait for another nice day so that he can finish the project.

A couple of the Halliburton supervisors are quite the jokesters…stopping way before they get to me… stopping past me…not moving after I check them in/out…problem children…that’s what I tell them they are.  Last night, one of them, handed Michael a couple of small notebooks on their way in.  They may be problem children but they’re my problem children and I love ’em!

Since the longest we’ve ever worked a frac before was 15 days and we are now on day 26, we’re really getting to know some of the 3 different Halliburton crews pretty well…it’s nice.  The other crews don’t change out nearly as often so we really get to know them.  Best part of the entire job!

Yummy enchiladas

Yummy enchiladas

It turned out to be a fairly nice day on Thursday with a high around 60.  About 5:00 pm that changed when the wind picked up and the temperature dropped quickly!  I heard a LOT of ‘brrr’s while Michael worked through his shift change.  LOL

Not much changed by the time I got up Friday morning…it was still cold (mid 30s) and the high humidity made it a bone-chilling  cold.  It was kinda on the windy side to which didn’t help.  Brrr….  Where’s my south Texas winter??

The cattle owner stopped by Friday morning.  He’d found one of the missing heifers Thursday night and she was trying to give birth but ended up needing his help.  He checked on her and her baby and they were both doing well.  After we chatted he was on his way to find the second cow that was missing.  I didn’t get a chance to talk with him when he left so, once again, I don’t know the outcome!

Friday continued to be cold and overcast…perfect day for some soup.  I used up some leftover ‘frac food’ (chicken, brisket, corn, sausage) and threw it in a pot with some other ingredients to make a yummy bowl of soup.

We’re both getting tired.  Twenty six days in a row is a long time to work 12 hours a day…even if it is in your own home.  It’s also a long time to not be able to sleep with your spouse.  We’re tough…we’ll make it through but we’ll sure be ready for some quieter days when the time comes.

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