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Posted by on February 26, 2015

Monday 2/23

Meals and a whole pie!

Meals and a whole pie!

Very windy night and into the day so windy that Michael brought the slides on the main floor in to protect the slide awnings from being damaged.  It was even windy enough for work to be halted on wireline (fracing continued) for a while until the wind calmed down some.  On top of it we only had a high of about 38 degrees and there was a very light mist early in the morning.

Continued to frac but wireline operation was halted due to the crazy winds.

I found out that the birds that landed in the pasture across from us were not geese… they were actually sandhill cranes.  Pretty cool, eh?  They’ve been back several times since.

Our service tech changed to Kevin (our favorite) last week.  He stopped by last Friday and reminded us to wear our uniforms as Gate Guard Services is  letting people go for not wearing them.  While he was filled our water & fuel and serviced the generator too.

Today’s meals:  Chicken & Beef fingers, cream gravy, red potatoes & beans
Pulled pork sandwich, baked beans & pasta salad

Tuesday 2/24

It was still only 32 when I got up but the wind was much calmer making it much more bearable!

By the end of today we had a total of 665 sand trucks come in…which means we still have quite a way to go.  My estimate at this point is that the frac should be done around March 11thish…Michael’s birthday.  We are on day 21 of this frac…day 3 of the second set of 3 wells…so roughly 2 weeks left of fracing.

Today’s meals:   Beef stew & corn bread
Chicken casserole, mashed potatoes, rice & broccoli casserole & chocolate pudding

Wednesday 2/25

I woke up to find that it had rained a little bit overnight but had stopped before I had to go out in it.  It was enough to make the road just a wee bit muddy but it dried up in no time.

The sun finally came out for the first time in days.  It was hard to get my eyes to adjust to the brightness….but I did it!  It also was the first time we turned off the fireplace and heater in days.  We even ended up having to turn the AC on!  Crazy weather!

Grilled chicken breast, baked potato & corn on the cob

Grilled chicken breast, baked potato & corn on the cob

Michael made a run into Kenedy to pick up the mail and brought home Subway for dinner.  For dessert we each had a piece of Coconut Cream pie.  The caterer had left us with an entire pie the day before and we’re enjoying it even though we didn’t think we would.

Today’s meals:  Grilled chicken breast, baked potato & corn on the cob
Chicken fried steak, macaroni & cheese & corn

Thursday 2/26

We were shut down for several hours this morning due to a leaky valve.  A new valve had to be brought in to replace the old.  That was fine by me as it made it nice and quiet for my entire shift!  I was able to get caught up on my reality shows and even watch a movie.

The cow owner came in and I found out that not just 2 of the girls are pregnant….they’re ALL pregnant!  All of them in our pasture anyway.  He also told me that he just happened to come across one of the mama’s trying to give birth yesterday but wasn’t getting anywhere.  He called his grandson and told him to bring the ‘pullers’ and they pulled the calf out of her.  Thankfully, both mama & baby are doing fine today.  He said it was a good thing he found her as the baby was WAY too big for her to have had natural.

MmmmmMmmmm cookies

MmmmmMmmmm cookies

He only has 14 heifers in this pasture and was missing 2 when he came in this morning.  He was on his way to look for the 2 missing ones and hoped that they were same kind of trouble as the one from yesterday.  He must have left via a different route as I never saw him leave so I don’t know the outcome.

We had a sales lady drop off some cookies when she came in today.  It was a nice surprise!

Today’s meals:  Enchilada Casserole, rice & beans (& a Reese’s candy bar)





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