Pigs, Geese, an Oopsie…But No New Babies

Posted by on February 22, 2015

Thursday 2/19

Thursday was a fairly quiet day with not much going on…pretty much just the usual sand trucks and frac crew guys.

The big highlight of the day was when a couple of VERY small crews did some work on the pipeline right in front of the coach.  They were ‘running a pig’ down the line…which I gather is kind of a way to clean out the line and clear the line of any built up gunk.

Poor sand truck was being held captive by the cow standing in front of his truck...

Poor sand truck was being held captive by the cow standing in front of his truck…

It had to be done a little differently because the pump jack directly behind us is shut down so as not to interfere with the frac.  Normally the pressure from the pump jack pushes the pig along but since that wasn’t up and running they had to pump oil into the line to move the pig along.  So big tankers brought in load after load after load of oil to pump into the pipeline.  I counted 8 tankers and they were still going strong when I went to bed about 5:15 pm. or so.

The cow owner stopped by this evening to check on the ready-to-be-mama’s and reported that we still have no new babies – a fact that I figured out for myself earlier in the day when the cows came around and their were still only 3 babies.

Today’s Meals:  Enchiladas
Chicken & Beef fajitas, rice & beans

Friday 2/20

Traffic picked up quite a bit today….seemed a bit like Grand Central Station at times…vehicles coming from every direction!

Meeting in the middle?  Just a small fence to keep them apart.

Meeting in the middle? Just a small fence to keep them apart.

Just about the time (about 10:00 am) they were to start the VERY last stage for the first three wells they had a bit of an ‘oopsie’ and had to shut down the frac until further notice.    We had 8 or 9 sand trucks on the standby pad and they were all diverted to other places.  The day shift guys started leaving about 2:00 pm (rather than the normal 6:00 pm).  See?  Kind of a major oopsie.

The night shift came in at its normal time and after the oopsie was fixed they started fracing again about 8:00 pm or so finishing up that last stage around midnight or so.

Michael was pretty impressed with this new sand truck.

Michael was pretty impressed with this new sand truck.

I made a run into Kenedy to pick up our mail and also stopped and picked up some Taco Bell from the brand new Taco Bell in town.

Somewhere around 6:00 pm, while I was in bed reading, Michael came in to let me know that the cow owner had just come by and let him know that one of the mama’s had had her baby but had had troubles and both mama & baby passed away and the buzzards had gotten to them before he had found them.  🙁

Michael said that the sand trucks started reappearing again about 10:00 pm.

Today’s Meals:  Chicken & green beans
Pork steak, carrots & red potatoes

Saturday 2/21

They had completed the last of the first 3 wells by the time I got up at 2:30 am and by the sounds of it they were actually done around midnight or so.  Then began the task of getting all the iron (pipe) and everything moved over to the next 3 wells.  The ‘switch over’ takes pretty close to 24 hours with all the various crews doing their part and other crews coming in to do their certain tasks in the process.

It turned out to be a gloriously quiet day…NO sand trucks whatsoever, only 1 salesperson and just few stragglers throughout the day.

These are some BIG birds!

These are some BIG birds!

The highlight of my day was when a flock of geese (I think they were geese, anyway!) decided to take a rest in the pasture in front of us.  I tried to get a picture but it might be hard to see them but I’m amazed at how big they actually are!

Off they go!

Off they go!

Michael’s night was even better than my day.  After his 6:00 pm shift change he had exactly 4 vehicles come in until my shift started at 3:00 am.  I think we both needed a little break before we continue with the second half of the frac.  Today is the 20th day of this frac….we have roughly 20 more to go and then things should slow down considerably.  Whew.

Today’s meals:  No delivery for noon meal.
Brisket, sausage, mixed vegetables & pasta salad

Sunday 2/22

Fracing started again somewhere between midnight and 1:00 am today…or so I’m told by our night safety guy as he left.  I had no idea as it’s very quiet down there so I figured they still weren’t back to fracing.  However, I knew it wouldn’t be long as the first of the sand trucks rolled onto the standby pad at 5:15 am.  So much for our ‘break’!  🙂

Hot Stuff!

Hot Stuff!

As last nights crew left out this morning many of them were happy campers as they were going on days off.  The Halliburton crew gets 3 days off and when they come back they’ll be working days.  One of the other guys from Freedom gets a week off but there is no guarantee that he will come back to this site when he comes back to work…time will tell.  One of the Halliburton guys gave me some spicy mixed nuts to try on his way out.

We found out from fellow gate guards that you can wire an actual door bell to the bell system so that you have a bell indoors.  We’ve always brought the bell and hose in through a window or a slide so that Michael could hear it while inside.  With this new type of set up the bell stays outside and we just have a nice calm door bell (rather than the obnoxious bell) go off when a vehicles goes over the hose.  The regular bell goes off outside this way too…so we are alerted whether we are inside or outside.  Before with the bell pulled into the coach we didn’t have a bell to alert us if we were outside.

We’re testing the waters with the new system as it doesn’t seem to go off all the time…but it’s only when vehicles pass over it on their way out.  Hopefully we can get it figured out so that it works all the time cuz I really like the much more mellow tone of the door bell…although if too many tires go over it at once it kinds sounds like a pinball machine!  LOL

Today’s Noon Meal: – They forgot us!












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  1. Lynette McHenry

    Those look like Cranes….maybe Sandhill Cranes or Whooping Cranes…

    • Kelly

      Oh my! I think you’re right, Lynette! Looking at a few of the other pictures I took compared to pics of sandhill cranes on Google images I think they’re Sandhill Cranes! No wonder they looked so darn big! Thank you!

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