Reservations, Luncheon & More Appointments

Posted by on February 19, 2015

Tuesday 2/17

I spent the morning working on solidifying some reservations for this summer, which felt good.  We’ll be in Goshen, Indiana from roughly June 7th until July 5th.  We’ll be there for the Heartland rally and also to get some work done on the coach.

On the way to Goshen we’ll spend 3 days in West Memphis, Arkansas at Tom Sawyer RV Park just to relax and watch the barges move up and down the Mighty ‘Mississipp’!  Ahhhh….it sounds so good I wanna go right now!

Gate Guard Luncheon

Gate Guard Luncheon

My afternoon was spent with 4 other female gate guards at a luncheon in Kenedy.  We met at Barth’s – a local establishment where the masses flock for their down home cookin’.  Three of the ladies that made it to lunch were ones that I’d never met before and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them in person.  We were there for about 2 hours before we figured we better get back to our respective gates and either take over responsibility or get ready for bed.

I had picked one of the ladies up on my way into town and she and I stopped at HEB to pick up a few groceries before I dropped her off at her gate and then continued on to ours.  I got home about 4:15 pm and Michael was doing fine…things were well under control.

Today’s meals:  Ground Beef & chicken tacos, rice & pasta salad
Beef stew, rice & corn

Wednesday 2/18

Another beautiful sunrise.

Another beautiful sunrise.

Michael had 3 VA appointments in San Antonio, again, today and also needed to make some stops and Lowes & Harbor Freight.  With that in mind I wanted to get up earlier (1:45 am – UGH!) so that Michael could get in bed by 2:00 am and get enough sleep.  Of course, last night, of all nights…I had the darndest time going to sleep.  I think it was close to 7:00 pm before I finally fell asleep.

Michael’s appointments today were as follows:

Audiology – Michael has been wearing his back up set of hearing aids for over a year as his ‘good’ ones cracked in half and fell apart.  This back up pair wasn’t working the best to begin with and in the last month one of them has pretty much stopped working.  After today’s hearing test and consultation with the audiologist he now has an appointment in April to pick up his NEW ears!  SO exciting!

Behavioral Health – Michael has some unresolved issues mostly stemming from his time in Iraq.  This was just a brief visit to touch base and see if he needs to be seen anymore.

X-rays – Michael has issues with his knees, an elbows, back & neck.  Today he had x-rays taken of each of those areas and will meet back with the nurse practitioner in March.

While Michael was at the Frank Tejada clinic he stopped by to see if he could get his VA Medical card as when he’d been there previous times the machine was broken.  Today it was working and he was able to get it taken care of and they will send the finished product to him in the mail.

My big excitement for the  day was seeing a truck get pulled over on our dirt county road.  They LOVE to fly down this road.

My big excitement for the day was seeing a truck get pulled over on our dirt county road. They LOVE to fly down this road.

It got down to about 30 degrees here last night and when I got up in the wee hours of the night to start my long 16+ hour shift I about froze my fingers off logging the guys in.  So while the guys had the clipboard I very conveniently stuck my hands in front of their heaters and warmed up my fingers!  It helped hugely!  These guys are just awesome too…most of them would turn the fans up so that I got the most out of the heat!

I learned today that we are ALMOST done fracing the first 3 wells.  We are 17 days into this frac at this point and it sounds like they should be able to switch over to the next 3 wells within the next few days.  At that rate we should FINALLY be done fracing something during the first week of March.  (Remember our longest time spent fracing previously has been 15 days)  Then we have drill out, wireline, workover and flowback.  So we should probably be on this gate until the end of Marchish.

I started losing steam about 4:00 pm (I’d been up and working for over 14 hours by that time) but I pushed on through the evening shift change.  Michael made it home about 8:00 pm.

My sweet Mikey brought home Chinese food again for me….gosh I love that guy!  Chicken & vegetables, hot & sour soup & an egg roll.  I stayed up long enough to have a bowl of soup and then hit the hay.  Hmmm….Chinese for breakfast tomorrow??

Today’s meals:  Deep fried fish & shrimp, broccoli & rice & salad.  (In observation of Lent)
Fish & Shrimp, french fries & onion rings


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