Guess Who’s Expecting??

Posted by on February 13, 2015
Michael came across some sort of wagon train as he passed by Floresville on his way to San Antonio.

Michael came across some sort of wagon train as he passed by Floresville on his way to San Antonio.

Michael had 3 VA appointments in San Antonio this afternoon.  The first was at 1:30 and it’s about an hour and a half drive from her to the northwest side of the city where the clinics are all located.

The first appointment was just a blood pressure check and didn’t take long at all.  The nurse practitioner changed his medication dosage at the last appointment and wanted to see how it worked.  She’s supposed to call and give him further directions.

The 2 other appointments were just a few miles away at the Frank Tejada VA Clinic.  These were for a pulmonary function test and an x-ray.  The pulmonary test went fine and he should get the results when he sees the nurse practitioner next month.

They weren’t able to do the x-ray as the nurse practitioner had ordered some special x-ray and they couldn’t do it at Frank Tejada so he will have to go to Audie Murphy next week.

Now he has 2 more VA appointments next week – both on Wednesday afternoon.  I’m glad that he’s finally starting some kind of process.

Before Michael left he said that he’d bring dinner home.  I told him not to since we get our meals catered….but then he said the ‘C’ word and I was a goner!  Chinese!  He brought Chinese home from the King Buffet, which is about 4 miles from where his appointments were.  Mind you, Michael is NOT a big Chinese fan…but he got it just for me…gosh I love that guy!

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

It’s a good thing that he brought dinner home to cuz this afternoon’s meal was taco salads…which is not necessarily a bad thing but when then went and slathered it with refried beans (otherwise known as my book) they ruined it for me.

The land owner that has the cattle here stopped by today – an elderly gentleman, whose wife suffers from dementia.  He confirmed that the cows are, indeed, Charolais, (Shar-Lay) as my buddies (Scott & Mickey) suggested.  He told me that those in this field are all heifers and that the first time he always breeds them to Black Angus cows for an easier delivery as they’re a smaller breed.  Since Charolais are so large, breeding them to other Charolais the first time is very hard on a first time mama.  Then he told me that 2 of these cows are pregnant and due any day!  You can bet I’ll be keepin’ an eye on ’em!  🙂  You didn’t think it was me expectin’ did ya??  :-/

Being up past my bedtime, I was rewarded with this beautiful sunset

Being up past my bedtime, I was rewarded with this beautiful sunset

So while Michael was off to San Antonio I covered his shift until he got home about 6:15 pm.  I was a bit worried about being bombarded by sand trucks since we were done for almost 24 hours on Wednesday – but that didn’t happen.  About mid afternoon I realized I wasn’t getting many sand trucks…and then the 2 that I did have waiting on the staging pad were diverted elsewhere.  I flagged down one of them and asked what was up and was told that they were having problems with the well again.  :/

After Michael got home I had a bowl of hot & sour soup and then headed to bed.  Since I was up about an hour past my bedtime Michael let me sleep an extra hour this morning.

6 Responses to Guess Who’s Expecting??

  1. donnarogers11Donna Rogers

    The wagon train may be headed to Houston to start off the rodeo. It is getting to be that time.

    • Kelly

      You’re the third person to provide that information! So it must be true!

  2. Jay Coffman

    The wagon train is one of many trail rides on their way to the huge Houston Fat Stock show and Rodeo.

    • Kelly

      Val Talley said the same thing…but I wondered because it was going north toward San Antonio.

  3. Lee McClure

    Actually there are 5 wagon trains converging on San Antonio and will participate in the opening show tonight of the San Antonio Stock and Rodeo Show. It lasts for about 10 days. All of the trains will meet at the AT&T center this afternoon. The Houston show is later in the month.

    • Kelly

      Thank you, Lee! Sure wish we were free to go to the rodeo….I’ve never been to one! Someday!

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