Sunrises, Cows & Sand Trucks

Posted by on February 9, 2015
It's worth getting up for!

It’s worth getting up for!

I don’t think I will ever get tired of the sunrises and sunsets here…hope you don’t either cuz I can’t help but share!

Easy to tell that the weekend is over as we had several ‘construction’ crews come in to work on various projects….the biggest of which was tying the new wells into the pipeline.  Sounds like they’ll be here the majority of the week.

Love my view!

Love my view!

More cows came by today…but these were in the pasture next to us…not in the same pasture that we’re in.  These are of the ‘white’ variety as well….with a couple of black cows thrown in for diversity.  I loved watching them from the dining room table as I typed this…I musta been a farmer in another life.

We’re really starting to get into a routine.  We know most of the guys (frac crew & sand trucks) by name now. We keep an Excel spreadsheet with all of the names and positions of the frac crew which helps to speed up the logging in & out process at shift change which they all really appreciate.  Same goes for the sand trucks…we have a spreadsheet with their truck number, company name and their name so they don’t even have to stop when the drive by us when they’re called to head down to the pad.  As long as we can see their bumper number we can just wave them on…waving and saying ‘Hi’ as they go in.

Speaking of sand trucks….at the end of my shift today we have had 230 loads of sand go down to the pad to this point (7th day of the frac).  (Not including the 27 that pre-filled the castles & wide loads).  We are estimating that we should have approximately 837 total loads of sand before the frac is over.  Yes…we are keeping trac…what else do we have to do!?!  🙂

Dinner for two out of ONE meal

Dinner for two out of ONE meal

Sergio delivered two meals of grilled chicken (1/2 a chicken each!), baby red potatoes and carrots.  The meals are SO big that we’ve gone to sharing one and keeping the other for later.  Everything was very good…they really do a good job of seasoning the food.

Making this short so that my son doesn’t fall too far behind and he continues to love his Mama!  Love you, Dan!  🙂


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