Dumb Bell!

Posted by on January 31, 2015

We had a nice quiet night.  One vehicle in at 11:25 pm to check on something and another in at 5:22 am. I got up then so that I can start transitioning my sleep pattern to accommodate our work schedule, which will be 3:00 – 3:00 again with me doing the day shift and Michael working the nights.  It worked quite well the last time we did it so we’ll try it again.

It rained for a short while around 6:30 am and then misted on and off most of the morning.  By noon the misting had stopped but it stayed overcast and the wind started picking up…enough to rock us around a bit.  We thought we were home free but about 5:00 pm we got some light rain again.

The third of our three sand chiefs also called a wide load.

The third of our three sand chiefs also called a wide load.

It stayed pretty quiet most all day.  We had a few pieces of equipment (manlift, 3 sand chiefs, 2 sand castles, etc) come in and a couple of guys come in to mix up some chemicals (the chemicals came in too)…but that was about it.

Mid-afternoon the 1st sand truck arrived.  He’s he for what they call ‘pre-fill’.  They’ll fill the 3 sand chiefs & 2 sand castles so that they’ll be full and ready to go when the frac crew actually gets here and is ready to start fracing.  It will take about 25 truck loads of sand to fill everything.

Our very first sand truck for this frac!

Our very first sand truck for this frac!

Unfortunately, when he got here they weren’t ready for him so he had to move to the staging area to wait.  A second send truck arrived about an hour later and he pulled into the staging area to wait too.  They were prepared to wait all night as none of the sand coordinators were here.  Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait that long as the sand coordinator got here about 2 hours later and they were able to move over to the frac pad and dump their loads.  Not long afterward more sand trucks arrived….

Around noon a company man came in just to check on things before he went on days off.  He was a nice guy and was able to give me some information.  The frac crew should finish up the current frac they’re working on Monday sometime and would then start moving in here late Monday night.  With the 6 wells to be fraced they will have about 200 stages to complete which will take them about 4 weeks to frac alone…that is not including coiled tubing, wireline or flowback!  So it looks like we could be here quite a bit longer than we originally thought.  Whew…4 weeks of fracing….might be the death of us!  The most we’ve done up to this point is 15 days.  Yikes!

Ugh…Michael just estimated how many sand trucks we should get during this frac.  At 200 stages with each stage using roughly 4.5 truck loads of sand we will probably see 900 sand trucks come in the gate…and then the same 900 go OUT the gate.  Yowza!

We’ve been having problems with the bell system that was here.  It kinda does its own thing….rings sometimes…other times it doesn’t.  Michael fiddled with it most of the morning and into the afternoon.

Trying to figure out what's wrong with the darn bell!

Trying to figure out what’s wrong with the darn bell!

He tried shortening the hoses and adjusting the sensitivity on the inside of the bell among other things. He drove back and forth over both hoses and we were perplexed because at one point we thought he had it fixed but the bell would only ring when he backed over the hose going in the wrong direction rather than driving forward over it.  Then it would only ring when the back tires rolled over the hose…but not the front tires.  Then it would ring when the big semi’s went over it but not the pick ups.  Then it wouldn’t ring at all…then it rang just for incoming vehicles but not for out going vehicles!  Talk about frustrating…but thankfully we’re not busy so we had the time to try to mess with it.

Was already in my PJs so took the pic through the window!  Austin & Mike talking bells & hoses!

Was already in my PJs so took the pic through the window! Austin & Mike talking bells & hoses!

He wasn’t sure if the problem was with the bell or with the hose (I vote the hoses).  He finally gave up and called Austin and explained the situation.  Austin gave him a few tips but they were all ones he’d already tried.  Austin had 4 other gates to visit but said he’d stop by to help figure out the problem.  Austin finally got here about 6:00 pm and dropped of about 200 feet of hose.  Michael hooked up the new hose to the bell right away and so far it seems to be working….I think.  Keep those fingers crossed!

My FAVORITE thing about gate guarding...you just can't beat the sunrises and sunsets!

My FAVORITE thing about gate guarding…you just can’t beat the sunrises and sunsets!

This afternoon I made reservations for 2 weeks at the Oasis RV Park in La Marque, Texas for the end of May.  We’ll gate guard until mid May and then head down there.  We’ll be there for a week and then board the Navigator of the Seas for our 30th Anniversary cruise.  We’ll be joined by both of our sons and their families.  We’ll leave the coach at the park while we cruise and then stay a night or 2 before we hit the road after the cruise.  A nice plus we recently found out is that our friends Jay & Stella will be there during that time frame so we’re hoping to be able to get some visiting in with them too!


2 Responses to Dumb Bell!

  1. John

    After catching up on all your latest posts I remembered from another gate guarding blog about a foolproof driveway alarm system. So I went back and found what may fix your alarm problems for good. Here’s the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0083OAASM/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0083OAASM&linkCode=as2&tag=slackercountr-20&linkId=IBTYSVOU6AWTAGID

    • Kelly

      Awwww….aren’t you the sweet one, John?? We’re not prepared to invest that kind of money in a bell system. This one works fine…just got pinched. However, we got messages from 2 of our gate guard friends gave us an idea on how to make the bell system a little more hassle free…once we get it squared away you’ll see it in a post! Thanks again, John!

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