How Quickly Things Change!

Posted by on January 30, 2015

Tuesday 1/27

Biggest thing on our agenda was to go over to Audie Murphy Veterans Hospital so that Michael could meet with the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) rep that will help him through this whole VA benefits claim process.  Michael took a copy of his medical records and the DAV rep went through them and found several items to look deeper into.  Michael will need to go back again so he can delve deeper into the issues that he set aside.  The plan is to go back on a Wednesday afternoon when the rep stays after hours.

Since we were near our favorite theater, Alamo Drafthouse, we decided to see the movie, Taken 3, with Liam Neeson.  We’d seen the previous two movies and really enjoyed this one as well.  Michael went as far as to say that he thought he was better than the first two.  We had the same server (Max) that we had for the last movie we saw and he was just as friendly and helpful.

After the movie we went in search of new bags for Michael’s shop vac. He has a powerful wet dry vac and needs a specific type, so that took us to 2 different Sears stores (Craftsman shop vac) but we eventually got them.  The first store we stopped at checked the inventory of the 2nd store and then called the store and asked them to hold them for us.

Our original plans for dinner were to meet our gate guard friends Debbie & Rod at King Buffet. Unfortunately, they had to cancel…but for good reason.  They’d been waiting for a spot to open up in the gate guarding yard and it did!  So off then went to grab it as quickly as possible.

Michael and I ended up at the King Buffet for dinner anyway.  It was a very nicely taken care of place and the food was very good and plentiful.  We’d definitely go back.

We haven’t made ourselves available for a gate yet.  Since Michael had several VA appointments we thought it best to wait until after his appointments.  His last appointment is Thursday the 29th so our plan is to drive down to Karnes City/Whitsett to pick up our mail and ‘check in’ with Gate Guard Services.  We’ll also stop by and visit with Debbie & Rod in the yard since we missed them today.

Wednesday 1/28

We’ve been back in San Antonio for a week today and since we were unsure of how soon we’d be able to get into the yard (they’ve all been full for weeks) or get a gate we decided to pay for our site on a weekly basis.  We went over to the office this afternoon and paid for another week and talked with Baker (the reservations person) about the possibility of us staying past our original 2 week reservation.  She moved things around and made our site available for us until the 21st of February if we needed it.

It was such a beautiful day in the low 80s that we had the windows open all day AND all night!  It got down to about 50 overnight which, for us, is wonderful sleeping weather.

Thursday 1/29

Michael’s very first VA medical appointment was at 1:30 pm with a nurse practitioner.  He went in armed with his list of medications and a list of issues that needed to be looked at.  The nurse seems to have been very thorough with most of his issues and has scheduled him 3 more appointments to come back to see her to go over the rest of the issues.  She also put in 3 referrals for other issues that need to be addressed by specialists – one being an audiologist…now just to pray that they will issue him new hearing aids!

Michael came out of the office very happy and expressed that he really liked her and felt comfortable…a great appointment in MY opinion.

While Michael was at the desk making his follow-up appointments I received a text from our gate guarding service guy that there was an open spot at the Karnes City yard and if we wanted it we’d better high-tail it down there to snag it.  Since it was 3:00 pm we thought we’d just wait until morning but he responded and said since he couldn’t actually hold it for us if we could come as soon as possible, we should.  So…we did.  Although we had a few things we had to do before we could leave.

Michael's burger

Michael’s burger

First things first…we needed food.  On our way back to Ft. Sam we made a stop at a Diners, Drive Ins & Dive’s joing – The Bun & Barrel.  It’s been a San Antonio landmark for over 60 years.  We received great service.  The food was ok…possibly a bit too seasoned though.  Michael had a burger & fries and really enjoyed the burger.  I had the chicken strips (LOTS of garlic) and we also ordered some onion rings which were well seasoned and the dipping sauce that came with them was well seasoned, as well….making the combo a bit too seasoned.

My chicken strips

My chicken strips

After our quick late lunch/early dinner we made a quick trip to the commissary to pick up a few items.  I normally try to stock up at the commissary before we leave Ft. Sam but with such short notice I didn’t have a list put together so we were only able to pick up a few ‘stock up’ items that I could think of off the top of my head.

Then it was back to the park to put groceries away (refrigerated ones only), put dishes that were in the drying rack away, clean up anything else that was out of place and then to pack up the coach so we could move.  Believe it or not…47 minutes after we got home we were pulling out of the park!  And that was after we stopped at the office to pick up our receipt for our refund.  Baker had taped it to the front door for us since she was already gone for the day.

Picking up our refund receipt from the FamCamp office be for heading out

Picking up our refund receipt from the FamCamp office be for heading out

Thankfully, the Ft. Sam FamCamp is only about 60 miles form the Karnes City yard so we had a short, fairly uneventful drive.  We were stopped for about 15 minutes or so while we waited for some construction work going on but other than that…easy peasy.

We got to the yard about 7:30 pm and got backed into the end spot (which mean you have to navigate around a big tree) in the dark like a couple of pros.  Since Michael couldn’t see me we pulled out a flashlight and I used my phone (he used the truck’s hands free phone) to guide him back into the site.  I was really shocked…we never back in that smoothly!  I guess we should do it in the dark more often!

Whew!  Crazy day.  Now we sit and wait for a gate….could be a long wait…could be a couple of days.  But we’ll take whatever comes our way.  Just happy to be in the yard and that much closer to money coming in.



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