VA Appointment, Breakfast, Movie And Shopping

Posted by on January 23, 2015

It finally started raining about 7:00 pm last night (Wednesday night)….but only for a short while. However, it started up again around 8:00 pm…but lightly.  It ended up raining most of the night, fairly hard at times and the wind picked up enough for us to feel movement of the coach every now and again.

Michael's Outpatient VA Clinic

Michael’s Outpatient VA Clinic

Michael had an appointment at the VA clinic to have some bloodwork done.  So ‘we’ fasted from midnight on.  He could be there anywhere between 8:00 and 11:00 am.  The appointment was on the northwest side of the city and we’re on the northeast side so we had about a half hour drive.

San Antonio basically has 2 loops running around it – 410 makes up the inner loop and 1064 the outer loop.  Ft. Sam is located just inside the inner loop on the northeast side which makes it nice for access to the entire city.

Pretty much what it looked like ALL day long

Pretty much what it looked like ALL day long

We left about 8:45ish and made it to the clinic about 9:30 am since the rain and the traffic were not a good combination.  Michael checked in and then sat back down to wait.  He waited for about 10 minutes before being called back and was back there all of 5 minutes.

I was prepared for a very busy place and a very long wait….neither of which is what we got…which was awesome.

Pretty non-descript

Pretty nondescript

Not having had anything to eat or drink since the prior evening we made plans to have breakfast at a place a few miles from the clinic.  I’d read the reviews for Pancake Joe’s on Yelp and it looked really promising.  Weekends are supposed to be quite busy with long waiting lines but weekdays weren’t supposed to be nearly as bad.

Michael's meal..he really liked the pancakes

Michael’s meal..he really liked the pancakes

We walked right in and were seated immediately.  A rather small place but neat and clean.  I knew what I was going to order before we ever left the house as I’d done my research.  I ordered the Spinach Eggs Benedict while Michael ordered Pancakes & Eggs with a side of hash browns.

Definitely gonna order this again!

Definitely gonna order this again!

I’d been craving eggs Benedict for quite some time and these did not disappoint, with a slight lemon flavor to the Hollandaise.  Michael, too, was pleased with his meal and we both declared it a place to visit again.  The prices were quite affordable (Spinach Eggs Benedict for $6.99) which is always a plus.

The theater set up....each row of seats has a bar-like table in front of it with an access aisle for the servers to walk on

The theater set up….each row of seats has a bar-like table in front of it with an access aisle for the servers to walk on

Our big treat for the day was taking in the movie, “American Sniper” at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.  We really like this theater with its servers that come to you, take your order and deliver your food & drinks right to your seat.  Prices are much more affordable than you would think.

We both really enjoyed the movie, which is about Chris Kyle, a former Navy Seal who was deployed to Iraq 4 times, was pretty much a legend in the military, left the military and then was murdered by a fellow veteran who suffers from PTSD.   The murder trial is set to take place in February 2015.



After the movie we headed back to Ft. Sam to complete our errands for the day.  First on the list was for Grizzly Adams…ummm…Michael to get his haircut and his beard trimmed.  It had been WAY too long and was long over due.  It’s nice to have my husband back.



We roamed around the PX and the PXtra wandering down almost every aisle and came out of both stores empty-handed!  Proud of us!

Then it was onto the commissary where we purchased our weekly groceries as well as several packages of meat that had been reduced in price.  The commissary has a practice of freezing any meat that didn’t sell and then will mark it down and sell.  It’s a great way to stock up on meat that is so crazily high-priced right now.

By the time we were done at the commissary it was about 5;30 pm so we went across the street and ordered some Popeye’s spicy chicken for dinner.  We had a gift card so dinner was free – gotta love those gift cards!

We got home about 6:45 pm, put away a few groceries but left the majority to be put away in the morning.  It had been cold (45ish), windy and rainy all day long so we turned on the fireplace and settled in to enjoy the rest of the day from the comfort of our recliners.



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