Moving Day: Ennis, TX To San Antonio, TX

Posted by on January 21, 2015

Before heading out on the road we stopped at the Murphy in the Walmart parking lot and filled up the truck tank @ $2.49 per gallon.  Michael wanted to see if diesel was cheaper down the road.

We were on the road at 8:49 am

As we passed through Italy, TX – a small town of about 1800 people.  We found that the town had quite a bit of character!  It sits at the junction of highway 34 and I-35.  On three of the corners at that junction you will find:  The Starship Pegasus, a McDonald’s in a small non-chain motel and the biggest Taco Bell ever!  Near the fourth corner is the smallest Walmart Neighborhood Market we’ve ever seen…so small it didn’t even have a big sign out front…just a smaller one on the building itself.

Check out those clouds!

Check out those clouds!

As we were passing through Waco/Temple the skies turned ominous.  The clouds were quite interesting looking.

We ended up making three stops.  The first was at a rest area for a potty break.  The second was at Whataburger for a yummy burger for lunch.  We both really enjoy their burgers.

Buc-cee Nuggets...get ya some!

Buc-cee Nuggets…get ya some!

The third stop was at Buc-cee’s in New Braunfel’s.  With diesel at $2.19 per gallon Michael filled up both tanks (61 gallons).  We also went inside and picked out 3 kinds of beef jerky (sweet & spicy, teriyaki & honey bbq) as well as 2 bags of Beaver Nuggets.  Yummy treats!

Fresh made beef jerky!

Fresh made beef jerky!

It started to rain just as we got to San Antonio but stopped by the time we took the Rittiman Rd. exit to Ft. Sam which meant we didn’t have to set up in the rain….hooray!

We checked in and got set up in about an hour.  We are in the same site (64) we were in about a month ago – which is great because we really like it.  Our off-door side neighbor is same as it was then too, a single woman and her dogs.   There is a Big Horn next to her that was here then too.  There’s a 30 day stay limit here unless you are here for medical reasons…then you can stay longer.

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp - site 64

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp – site 64

We’ve reserved a site for 2 weeks but paid for only 1 at this point.  Michael has 2 VA appointments (the 22nd and 29th) while we are here.  Once those are over we will play it by ear as to how long we are here.  Gates are few and far between right now it seems so we will stay here until either a spot opens in one of the yard or we are offered a gate.

With it being overcast and kinda chilly the leftover Corn & Ham Chowder from a few nights ago was the perfect choice for dinner.

We are both looking forward to some down time while we’re here.  We have a fairly busy day ahead of us tomorrow but after that be prepared for a ‘jammie-kind-of-day’.

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