Moving Day: Glenwood, AR To Ennis, TX

Posted by on January 20, 2015

We were up about 7:00 am.  I made breakfast and we enjoyed it from the comfort of our recliners.  After relaxing for just a bit longer we got to work on finishing all of our move day tasks.

Michael got the coach hitched up and turned around while I went in the house to visit with Alice.  When Michael was finished he and his brother, Eddie came in and we visited for about 1/2 an hour before we said our goodbyes and exchanged hugs.  We pulled out of the driveway at 10:08 am.

A gorgeous day to enjoy lunch on the patio!

A gorgeous day to enjoy lunch on the patio!

It was a beautiful day for traveling with the sun shinning and a few clouds peppering the blue sky.  We made good time and pulled into Kelly’s Kitchen in Texarkana, Texas at 12:20 pm.

The weather was nice enough at 65 degrees to allow us to sit out on the patio to enjoy today’s specialty – salads!  We made it a fairly quick stop (for us!) at only 55 minutes.

Once back on the road (I-30) we headed west until Greenville when we turned south on highway 34.  We’d made arrangements with one of our friends to meet for an early dinner at a Carmona’s about 4:00 pm.  We pulled in just a few minutes before 4:00 pm and grabbed a table and Erika walked in just after us.

So glad we were able to spend time with Erika!

So glad we were able to spend time with Erika!

Erika and Tony are Heartland owners, as well, and we’ve been lucky to be able to stop and visit with them a few times when we were in the area.  Unfortunately, Tony has taken a new job west of Ft. Worth and wasn’t able to make it for dinner.  He is the band director at Cisco High School so they’re living in their Elkridge until they decide exactly what their plan of action is.  Erika is with him much of the time and we just lucked out that she happened to be staying at their home in Terrell doing some home improvements.

We had a great meal and enjoyed catching up with Erika…as we always do.  We could have chatted for hours but wrapped it up in about an hour and forty-five minutes or so…  We’re hoping to see both Erika and Tony at the National Rally in June…fingers crossed!

We said our goodbyes and shared hugs and then headed down the road.  Our plan was to spend the night at the Ennis, Texas Walmart.  I called ahead to make sure it was ok.  It was only 35 miles further down highway 34.  We pulled into the and got settled into our ‘site’ for the night easily enough.  We’re on the side of the building where it’s dark and fairly quiet.

While I write this post Michael has gone into the store to buy some soda.  We usually try to buy something from the stores when we utilize their parking lots…it’s only decent…we think.

Tomorrow we’ll push into San Antonio where we’ll stay at the Ft. Sam FamCamp again.

Today’s Heartland Sightings:

Big Country – 1

Sundance – 1

Cyclone – 1

2 Responses to Moving Day: Glenwood, AR To Ennis, TX

  1. w2bergen

    So glad you missed all the cold weather and rain..We are wintering down in Harlingen…On our way down just before Thanksgiving, we tried thought about looking you, up but we were in a hurry to get settled…Went through Karnes City and Whitsett Office also…No one was their as it was the weekend….going to stop their when we leave in April as we want to gate guard in the fall…Hope the business still thrives with the cost of the barrel dropping….

    • Kelly

      We didn’t miss all the cold weather and rain…we got more than we cared for! LOL We, too, are hoping that the gate guarding business doesn’t take too hard of a hit. We’ll be ready for a gate the 30th…hoping we don’t have to wait too long.

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