Winding Down Our Visit

Posted by on January 19, 2015

We had a fairly quiet day – just getting things ready to hit the road tomorrow.  Michael has stated that he has a case of ‘hitch itch’….so it’s definitely time to head on down the road.

Can you see the shine??

Can you see the shine??

Tony started working on the coach at 9:30 am and finally finished shortly after 2:30 pm.  He had 3/4 of it left to finish and I wasn’t sure he’d get it done.  There are spots that the buffer didn’t catch so Michael will do those once we’re down in San Antonio.  It certainly looks much better than it did before he started.

Michael dumped the tanks, unhooked the water, cleaned the hoses and put odds and ends away.  He has a few miscellaneous things to do in the morning and will also need to take down and stow the satellite dish.  We had some shows that were recording tonight so we decided to take it down in the morning rather than today.

I made salads for tomorrow’s lunch that we’ll have somewhere down the road at Kelly’s Kitchen.  I try to use as few dishes as possible so ‘the good china’ came out and will be used for dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning.  Frozen pizza is what’s for dinner…easy peasy.

I washed what clothes were in the hamper and prepped the inside of the coach as much as possible.  We plan to leave about 10:00 am in the morning so there shouldn’t be too much to worry about then.

Gettin' down and dirty

Gettin’ down and dirty

Michael fixed a pipe that had burst at his brother Eddie’s place when we had the real cold weather a week or so ago.  It was under ground and had to be dug out but it got taken care of.  Eddie isn’t the handiest of guys so I’m sure he appreciated the help of his little brother.

Michael and Eddie ran to town to get some parts and came back with Subway sandwiches.  Eddie and Val joined us for lunch in the coach before the guys headed back outside to finish the project.

We visited with Alice some this evening.  She’s slowly getting stronger and getting around is getting easier.  She still has a long road ahead of her but she’ll do fine.  We’re glad that Allicia is in the house with her to help her with things.

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