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Posted by on January 17, 2015

Friday 1/16

A job well done!

A job well done!


Michael put the finishing touches on the Alice’s deck and she’s very pleased with the outcome.  It turned out great if I do say so my self.


Saturday 1/17

Gettin' the TV set up

Gettin’ the TV set up

This morning we ran into Hot Springs (again!) in search of a new TV for Alice.  The one that she was using was OLD…you know…square and bulky.  The picture was full of snow and was just pretty much out of date.  Michael found a good deal on an off-brand (HiSense) 40 inch model for $239 and purchased and additional 3 year warranty for it for $27.00.

He also got a wall mount that was a great deal too!  Job Corps had special ordered a bunch of wall mounts and then decided they didn’t want them.  It was $19.00…the next one was $99.96.  Can’t beat that savings!  Alice sure appreciated the savings.

The place may not look like much on the outside...but the food certainly makes up for it!

The place may not look like much on the outside…but the food certainly makes up for it!

On the way home we stopped at a little BBQ places (Chuck’s Southern BBQ) we’ve driven by for years (30 actually) and always said we needed to stop.  Today we did and were glad we did.  We each tried a bbq beef sandwich and then ordered baked beans, cole slaw, onion rings & french fries to go with it.  We also ordered a smoked chicken quarter.  Everything was really good.  The beans, fries and chicken almost ‘to die for’ worthy. We’ll definitely go back and will try the ribs and pork.

Chuck's is just a itty bitty place

Chuck’s is just a itty bitty place

When we got back home Michael went to work getting the new TV mounted on the wall.  While we were gone his brothers (John & Eddie) had moved the entertainment center into Alice’s bedroom and moved the shorter one that was in her bedroom into the living room so that the TV could sit above it.

Tony was back today to start working on waxing the coach.  He’d finished washing it yesterday (talk about an excellent job!).

Love me some cows!

Love me some cows!

This is really a very pretty area.  We have a small pond across the road with rescue horses that roam around.  To the back and both sides we have cows that graze along the hillsides.  This afternoon I couldn’t resist taking a picture to share.

While Michael finished up installing the new TV at his mom’s I came home and made some Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas.  It’s a recipe I’ve made before and is fairly easy to put together and is yummy in the tummy.  We had some rice on the side and it turned out to be a good meal with plenty left over for another meal.

Have you ever met someone who’s belief’s are different from yours and they’re quick to condemn anyone/everyone who doesn’t believe the same way??  How frustrating.  How do you deal with them?  Do you ‘get into it’ with them?  Ignore them?  Smile and think, ‘what a self-righteous jerk’?  Tell me!



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