Brakes, Spirals & A New Door Lock

Posted by on January 9, 2015

Tuesday 1/6

We started our day by joining our friends, Brock & Tammy for breakfast.  Nothing fancy, just a quick McDonald’s breakfast.  We had a really nice visit that went entirely too fast as we had errands to run.

Errands took us to the small town  pharmacy in Glenwood and to a small automotive shop just down the highway.  We were able to get our errand at the pharmacy taken care of but the automotive shop didn’t have time to look at the issue with Alice’s car.

Next we drove into Hot Springs (30 miles) to visit Alice at the hospital.  She was doing pretty good as the nerve block was still in effect.  We only visited for about an hour as she was getting pretty sleepy so we left so that she could take a nap before lunch came.

Just after we arrived here back in mid-December the truck brakes started making a grinding-like sound. We’ve been using Alice’s car for much of our transportation as it’s easier for her to get in and out of but needed to have the truck brakes looked at.

After leaving the hospital we drove over to Midas to have them looked at and found out that the front brakes we almost completely worn down and the back weren’t too far behind.  We chose to have them take care of them right away.

Gettin' some new brakes

Gettin’ some new brakes

Michael thought about waiting to do them himself when we get back to San Antonio as one of the bases in the area has a do it yourself automotive shop where the staff will help and/or advise you.  But we decided we didn’t want to pull our 17,000 pound home with the brakes in the shape that they were so we just bit the bullet and paid to have them done.

While they worked on the brakes we walked a few doors down to Red Lobster and had lunch.  It was a nice way to while away the time waiting for the brakes to be done.

Our last stop before heading back to Glenwood was at Lowes so that Michael could pick up some supplies for another project for his mom.  This project is in her bedroom closet where the shelf above her clothes rod is too low and makes it hard to take the hangers off the rod.  He’ll start that project in a few days.

My handy man

My handy man

When we got home Michael went to work on the ramp he built for his mom in the car port.  Steps are sometimes rough for her as she has bad knees.  We also figured that a ramp would be easier for her to navigate when she came home from the hospital.

Thankfully, Michael’s brother, Eddie, kept Michael company while he worked.  He held boards, handed him tools and chatted with him….that way I didn’t have to!

It was a gorgeous day with sunshine and a high 63!

Wednesday 1/7

We didn’t do much other than take a run into Hot Springs to visit Alice in the afternoon.  She’d been experiencing quite a bit of pain so they installed a pump that so that she could self administer her pain medication when needed.  Unfortunately, the medication caused her to have nausea and then had to stop the use of it.  Then they just gave her oral medication for the pain and the pain was managed that way.

My handy dandy Veggetti or spiral vegetable cutter

My handy-dandy Veggetti or spiral vegetable cutter

I ordered a new kitchen gadget from Amazon and received it today.  It’s called a ‘Veggetti’.  It basically just cuts vegetables (zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, etc) into spaghetti-like form.  You can then either eat the vegetables raw in a salad or cook them.  It’s surprisingly easy to use and I had a salad with my first try at spiraling my zucchini.  I love it.  HERE is a link to the one I purchased.

We also received a new water pump.  Our water pump has been acting up lately and Michael decided it was time for a new one.  He’ll have to wait until it warms up a little in order to install it.

High of about 38…brrrr!

Thursday 1/8

We woke up to 11 degrees and no water.  We haven’t been hooked up to a water hose for most of the time we’ve been here.  Michael’s just been filling the fresh water tank since it’s been fairly cold.  We have a Yeti package in our underbelly that warms the various areas in the underbelly.  However, it just got too cold and there wasn’t much more that could have been done.  We do all of our bathing and some of our cooking at Alice’s so it really didn’t affect us much.

The old door lock - the key pad was a separate entity

The old door lock – the key pad was a separate entity

Before we got here, we ordered a new RVLock for the door from our local emergency locksmiths and they gave us the best lock for our RV.  When we ordered our coach (4 years ago this month) we ordered it with a keypad.  The keypad lasted about 2 – 2 1/2 years before completely dying.  We really liked it and decided to order a new one.  We’ve heard good things about this particular system and are hoping it lasts more long-term than the original.

The new lock - key pad is now part of the door handle

The new lock – key pad is now part of the door handle

Michael installed it yesterday.  It works perfectly manually but is a bit sluggish when the key fob is used. He’s got ‘help’ posts out to our friends on the Heartland forum to see if any of them know what the problem might be.  If they can’t help he’ll end up having to contact the manufacturer for some advice. Locksmith Walnut Creek CA is always ready with expert consultation and service too.

High of 35….brrrr!

Maybe we should have hired experts from Kingstone Locksmith ( to install it in the first place.

Friday 1/9

A low-key day spent just hanging around.

Alice had a visit from a physical therapist and a home health nurse.  Her doctor set up both visits.  She will be visited by both three times a week for a few weeks until she is settled and getting around on her own better.

High of 41…we’re on the rise…hopefully!




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