Happy New Year!

Posted by on January 1, 2015

New Years Eve Day we took Alice into Hot Springs for her pre-op visit at the hospital.  Everything went well and she is now scheduled to be at the hospital on Monday the 5th at 1:15 pm.

Rocky's Corner - right across the street from Oaklawn Race Track

Rocky’s Corner – right across the street from Oaklawn Race Track

Michael and I went out for our traditional New Years Eve dinner.  We ended up at Rocky’s Corner in Hot Springs.  They serve pizza, burgers and sandwiches.  We opted for pizza as we were in the mood and had heard that it was good pizza.

The Contender (Hawaiian)

The Contender (Hawaiian)

Michael liked the pizza.  I, on the other hand, was ok with the pizza just wasn’t a big fan of the bottom crust.  I also would like to have seen more toppings on the pizza itself.

We were home by 8:00 pm.  Michael wasn’t feeling the greatest (stomach issues) and went straight to bed.  I stay up until about 11:00 pm…just relaxing and watching some TV.

I was awoken at 4:15 am to the sounds of the full-fledged flu coming from the bathroom.  Ugh.  That’s now 5 of the 12 people who were in Alice’s home.  Praying I don’t succumb…

I had plans to make a ‘Good Luck’ meal for New Years Day and contemplated not doing it since Michael wasn’t feeling well but decided to move forward as we need all the good luck we can get.  On the menu:  Pork ribs, sauerkraut, black-eyed peas & corn bread.

My first stab at black-eyed peas

My first stab at black-eyed peas

I’d never made black-eyed peas from scratch before so I was a bit leery.  Since I don’t eat them I had my mother in law taste test them several times throughout the day to make sure they were seasoned properly.  She said they turned out good…and since she’s a quintessential southern Belle I’m a happy girl!  Click HERE for the recipe I used.

Michael slept most of the day.  With him out of the way I was able to get a lot done.  Besides making dinner for everyone I washed 4 loads of clothes, swept and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors and cleaned the bathroom sink and toilet.  I also did some general straightening up around the house and inventoried my food pantries.

I took food over to Alice’s about 4:00 pm so that she, John & Sammie and Eddie & Val could partake as well….we all need as much luck as we can get!  I ate at home and Michael tried a few bites.

Michael was up for about an hour in the evening but then went back to bed to rest more.  I relaxed the evening away by watching some DVR’d shows.

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  1. Margaret bergen

    So hope Michael is feeling better and you dont get the flu too….it is everywhere….that darn flu bug….glad you with the family and not at the gate right now…that would be rough….we are down at Harlingen right now…have been past Whitestt office several times but always weekends….going to stop and check it out for this fall

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