The Flu Strikes

Posted by on December 31, 2014

Saturday 12/27

Ten of us drove into Hot Springs to get out of the house and let the kids spread out a bit.  Unfortunately it was raining which didn’t leave us a whole lot of options.

Cameron wasn't afraid of the big ol' turtle!

Cameron wasn’t afraid of the big ol’ turtle!

We decided to try the National Park Aquarium as it was indoors and reasonable – all the kids were free and adults were $5.75 each.  It was very small but perfect for the kids.  There was a 50 year old tortoise walking freely around the place and lots of frogs, turtles, freshwater fish, gars and even a couple of tarantulas.  There were only a couple other people there so the kids had free rein and loved peeking in all the windows.

Checking out the Gila Monster

Checking out the Gila Monster

Afterward it was still raining so even just strolling don’t Central Avenue to pop in and out of the local shops that line the street would have been miserable.  We opted for some lunch instead.

We all stopped at World Buffet as it’s on the way home, has a large variety and is very good to boot. After lunch we all stopped at Walmart to pick up a few items we were getting low on.  We had to look like a bunch of fools as several times we all converged in the middle of an aisle to confer.  🙂

We spent the evening playing ‘Salad Bowl’ and eating frozen pizza cooked on our new Pizzazz Pizza Oven.

Oldest grandson, Alex, spent the night with Nana & Papaw in their bed at “Papaw’s house”.  A special time for both the grand kids and Nana & Papaw.  Looking forward to doing it more with rest of them.

Sunday 12/28

We woke up to find out that Ben (the youngest at 16 months) had gotten sick in his pack and play overnight and his mama, Amanda, wasn’t feeling good either.  Ben took several naps throughout the day and ate crackers most of the day.

Amanda got sick mid-day and napped as well.

Three of the 4 grandbabies watching TV in Nana & Papaw's room while their daddy's were watching football.

Three of the 4 grandbabies watching TV in Nana & Papaw’s room while their daddy’s were watching football.

Zack & Dan spent most of the day at our house watching various football games.  They usually had a couple of kids with them at various times so that we could keep the house on the quieter side for those not feeling well.  Unfortunately, 2 dads watching football and babies under 4 in a house alone might not be the best combination on my poor home.  :/

Zack and Dan helped Michael get our new shower door installed.  We’ve been showering very carefully with just 2 panes of glass since the door was broke back in September.  Click HERE to read about it.

We had a Taco Bar for dinner….yummy and easy.

We played a couple of games throughout the day – Farkle and Spam Dice (a game I received for Christmas).

Monday 12/29

Zack made bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy for everyone to enjoy for breakfast.

Alice had an appointment with her Cardiologist to clear her for her upcoming rotator cuff surgery. Michael and I both took her into town for her appointment.

Slashed chair.

Slashed chair.

While we took Alice to the doctor Zack & Kelsea (and the kids) went into Hot Springs to pick up some fabric to reupholster Alice’s dining chairs that had been sliced during a break in.

Zack, Michael and Kelsea working on a chair

Zack, Michael and Kelsea working on a chair

Dan & Amanda (and their boys) went to Glenwood to run a few errands (post office, grocery store & pick up a prescription for Alice).

We were all back at Granny’s within 1/2 an hour or so of each other.

While Zack and Kelsea were at the fabric store they had an unfortunate mishap with the cart that Cameron was riding in fall over on him.  He was having trouble putting weight on his right leg afterward so they ran him into Hot Springs to the Urgent Care to have it checked out.  They didn’t find any breaks and diagnosed it as a bruise.  They’ll follow up with their doctor when they get home.

Newly covered chair

Newly covered chair

While Zack & Kelsea were in town with Cammie at the Urgent Care we lost another (Alex) to vomiting. Ben and Amanda had pretty much been ‘home free’ all day.  Poor Dan did his fair share of cleaning up vomit and is sure that he’s the next to succumb.

Tuesday 12/30

Our sweet Bennie not feeling very good

Our sweet Bennie not feeling very good

Dan and Amanda’s flight was leaving Little Rock mid morning which meant that they had to leave the house by 8:00 am.  Poor Ben didn’t want to leave the house without one last vomiting session.

They had a safe flight back to Long Island, however, Alex ended up getting sick on the flight from Chicago to New York.  :/

As of this writing none of the rest of us have been overtaken by the flu bug that seems to have hit the New York Barnett’s and we’re praying that the rest of us stay healthy.

Cameron and Papaw playing with Papaw's hat.

Cameron and Papaw playing with Papaw’s hat.

Zack and Kelsea’s flight wasn’t until almost 7:00 pm so they didn’t need to leave until mid afternoon. Their flight was delayed leaving Little Rock and again leaving Houston.  They were originally supposed to get into Salt Lake City around 11:30 pm but didn’t arrive until 1:30 am…then they had to get their luggage and drive home yet.  LONG day for the Utah Barnett’s.

Michael and I spent our afternoon and evening straightening up Granny’s home, our home, freezing leftovers and relaxing in our recliners.

I put together a casserole that I call, Achauer’s Delight (named after my cousins who served it to me first).  We took a plate over to Alice and visited with her while we ate and then came home to enjoy dinner from the comfort of our recliners.

It’s been a busy and sometimes chaotic week but I still loved every minute with my boys and their families.  Now we just count the days (144) until we’re all together again to celebrate mine and Michael’s 30th wedding anniversary by taking a cruise to Cozumel, Belize City & Roatan, Honduras.


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