Christmas Holidays

Posted by on December 26, 2014

My posts might become a bit sparse over the next week or so as the days will be busy and chaotic with little time to breathe much less blog.

I was up about 6:30 am on Christmas Eve to gather my thoughts and slowly merge into the day.  I’d started receiving texts about 5:40 am from the kids who were either at the airport or preparing to head to the airport.

Visiting with Brock, Bart &  John

Visiting with Brock, Bart & John

Michael and I drove into Glenwood to meet his long-time friend, Brock, who had a booster seat for us to use while the grandbabies are here.  We met at McDonald’s where he was downloading programs onto a tablet he’d got for his mom for Christmas.  We had breakfast while we enjoyed a nice visit.

Back at home it was time to make potato salad, throw some meatballs in crock pot, lil smokies in another crock pot and do a few other small preparations for our Christmas Eve dinner.

We just have cold cuts, salads, veggies & dip, chips, baked beans, meatballs, lil smokies…that kinda thing.

Zack, Kelsea, Paityn & Cameron arrived at Granny’s house about 3:00 pm.  Dan, Amanda, Alex & Ben arrived at Granny’s house about 5:30 pm.

IMG_0004Michael’s younger brother John (and his son) and his oldest brother Eddie & his wife joined us for dinner.

Afterward we opened our Christmas Eve gifts from Santa…new pajamas for everyone to wear to bed and then to lounge in while we open gifts on Christmas morning.

We didn’t end up getting home until about 11:30 pm and I didn’t go to sleep until after 12:30 am.  Unfortunately, there was quite a commotion about 5:30 am when a dog outside was barking crazily at something.  I tried, but couldn’t, go back to sleep.  Oh well.

My sweet grandbabies enjoying breakfast together

My sweet grandbabies enjoying breakfast together

Christmas Day was a flurry of chaos and commotion with 12 people opening gifts in the morning and then preparing a meal large enough to fit an Army…or 18.

Christmas Dinner!

Christmas Dinner!

We played some games, ate lots, visited a bunch.  Lots of discussions, disagreements, hugs, kisses, laughter and tears peppered the day.

Things can be a bit crazy with 4 little ones under 4 years old and various temperaments under the same roof.  But I am still loving having all of my children and grand children under the same roof.

That darn Spam found me....and even brought friends with it!

That darn Spam found me….and even brought friends with it!

Today (the 26th) was a much more laid back day.  We played a few games, ate leftovers, visited with Michael’s brother Ronnie and his wife Linda when they stopped by this evening.

Michael, Zack and Dan removed the remnants of our shower door (remember Michael had a moment of stupidity back in the summer when he used a hammer to fix a glass door).  We ordered a new shower door while we were gate guarding and had it delivered to a local home store to save some shipping fees. Michael picked up the door the day after we arrived here and has been waiting for the boys to get here to help him install it.  The actual installation should happen in the next day or so.

My baby boys all tuckered out after a couple of days of Christmas celebrations

My baby boys all tuckered out after a couple of days of Christmas celebrations

Tonight, Paityn, our oldest grandchild and only grand-daughter is spending the night with Nana & Papaw.  As I write this post she is lying on the floor watching an episode of ‘Super Why’…when it’s over we’ll all go to bed in Nana & Papaw’s bed….hopefully she doesn’t hog the bed too badly!

Tomorrow night, 3-year-old Alex, will get his turn for some alone time with Nana & Papaw.  Cameron (20 months) and Ben (16 months) are a bit too little now but next time they’ll get a turn too.

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