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Posted by on December 24, 2014

Friday 12/19

  • We spent the majority of the day just settling in and visiting with Alice, Michael’s mom.
  • We went to the Fish Nest in Glenwood for dinner.  Michael’s brother Eddie, his wife Val, Alice and her grand-daughter, Allicia joined us.  We enjoyed their seafood buffet and the family time around the table.

Saturday 12/20

  • St John the Baptist - Hot Springs, AR

    St John the Baptist – Hot Springs, AR

    Our oldest grandson, Alex, turned 3 so we all got together and had a family video chat on Google Hangouts while Alex opened his gifts.  Technology is great when a family is spread out in NY, AR & UT and you are able to use a computer to feel like you’re all in the same room.

  • Michael, Alice and I went into Hot Spring to run several errands – groceries, Lowes for a couple of projects, a few last Christmas gifts, lunch and mass.  We ended up being gone from about 11:00 am until 9:00 pm before it was all done.  Wow!  Long day!

Sunday 12/21

  • We stayed home all day and didn’t do much of anything.
  • Michael fixed the shower in the main bathroom in Alice’s home as it had never been ‘tacked’ into place when it was installed.  He ended up having to cut two holes in the wall in order to get it fixed, replaced the pieces of the wall that were cut out and now those places will just need to be taped and mudded and new paint applied.
  • Ron, Michael & Eddie - the 3 oldest boys

    Ron, Michael & Eddie – the 3 oldest boys

    All three of Michael’s brothers ended up stopping by so we had quite a houseful for a while.  It was actually pretty nice.  You can’t get them together without a debate of some sort going on but it was a nice visit nonetheless.

Monday 12/22

  • Busy, busy day.  Our boys and their families arrive in 2 days so there’s lots to do!
  • Started the day out by paying bills online and finalizing my LAST grocery list for the holidays.
  • I worked on food prep.  Made fudge, brownies and Chex Mix.  I also made some ranch dip, cut cheese for Christmas Eve and hard-boiled eggs for potato salad and deviled eggs on Christmas Eve.
  • Working on installing the new outlet in the slide.

    Working on installing the new outlet in the slide.

    Michael installed an outlet next to his recliner.  There was a junction box already located there so it was an easy task.

  • While I prepped food Michael worked on getting the 2 spare bedrooms in Alice’s home ready for the boys and their families.  One of the rooms had pretty much been turned into a storage room so he had a lot of packing up, storing and hauling to do.
  • One of the gifts we gave Alice for Christmas was tickets to The Five Star Dinner Theater in Hot Springs.  We went to their ‘This is Christmas’ show.  Dinner started at 6:00 pm and the show at 7:00  pm.  Dinner was buffet style and consisted of pork tenderloin, chicken Marsala, ham, salad, vegetable medley, cheesy tortellini, creamy roasted potatoes, bread and bread pudding for dessert. Everything was very good…unfortunately some of the dishes were lukewarm or even cold.  They’d been catered from the restaurant next door so I’m sure that had something to do with it.
  • The whole crew of The Five Star Dinner Theater in Hot Springs

    The whole crew of The Five Star Dinner Theater in Hot Springs

    We ended up with a table right in front of the stage, which was great!  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the show as the theater is quite small and the audience attendance was pretty small. However, the show was great!   There were only about 7 participants on stage, but they did an excellent job.  They all had great voices and the comedy skits had us all laughing and at one point I had tears streaming down my face.  Alice complained that her stomach hurt from all the laughing.

  • After the show, on our way, home we drove through the historic residential area of Hot Springs expecting to see lots of Christmas lights but were disappointed that there were many homes lit up.  Oh well…we enjoyed those that were anyway.

Tuesday 12/23

  • I took Alice into Hot Springs for a doctor’s appointment for her shoulder.  She fell about a week and a half ago and tore her rotator cuff and is in need of surgery.  Surgery is now on the calendar for January 5th.
  • After her appointment we made a few stops to finish up our groceries for the holiday – Walmart, Dollar General and one last stop for sandwiches from Subway.
  • While I took Alice into town Michael stayed home and finished getting the bedrooms ready for the kids, brought all of the groceries we’d bought at the commissary into the house and other odds and ends that had been needing to get done.
  • The rest of my day was filled with making beer dip, pickle wrap dip, cutting vegetables, throwing a pie in the oven and making kabobs for dinner.  Actually I’d been marinating the kabobs since Monday so all I had to do was put them together after Michael cut up onions, peppers and pineapple for them.
  • After dinner while Michael did the dishes, cleaned up and gathered our stuff to take home I made the hard-boiled eggs I’d made yesterday into deviled eggs.
  • Whew!  A LONG day.  We ended up going home about 8:45 pm.  Michael went straight to bed while I made my ‘To do’ list for Wednesday.


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