Moving Day: San Antonio, TX To Palestine, TX

Posted by on December 19, 2014

I was awake much too early (5:30 am) and couldn’t fall back to sleep so just decided to go ahead and get up.  It was ok because I worked on double checking my lists for Christmas (meals, gifts, things to do, etc) to be sure I don’t forget anything.  I also put together a calendar of events for the next few weeks as I know we’ll be busy with appointments for Mike’s mom, shopping trips, church services, and other odds and ends. So instead of trying to keep it all straight in my head I put it down on a calendar where I can see it all in one shot.

We had roughly 249 miles to travel today so we were in no hurry to hit the road.  We also planned on spending the night in the Walmart parking lot in Palestine, Texas.  When we have stops like this we’re in no hurry to get there as we’ll be boondocking and won’t do much more than park, grab something to eat somewhere within walking distance and then go inside and lounge in bed while reading or surfing Facebook on our phones or tablets.

With all of the above in mind we chose to depart about noon and we did!  We pull out at 12:00 pm on the dot! We had a fine mist as we started out on our journey and it continued through out the day.  As we were passing through Austin it rained a bit harder and then again as we stopped for lunch and stopped for the night.  Not real hard but enough to be annoying.

We’d planned to stop at Kelly’s Kitchen for lunch but with it being so dark and dreary something warm in the tummy sounded much better.  We ended up stopping at Whataburger in Hutto, Texas for a fairly quick lunch.

As we were coming into Palestine, it was dark and rainy and we were ready to be done for the day.  We had a semi try to turn in front of us and nearly got us all killed.  He was coming from across the highway trying to go into a parking lot on our side of the road.  He was fully across the lane next to ours and half in our lane with us coming at full speed.  Luckily there was a wide area at the end of the driveway that he was trying to turn into that Michael was able to swerve into and coast around him….I don’t know he did it but he did.  Talk about a heart-pounding incident!

I called ahead to the Walmart to make sure it was ok for us to spend the night in the parking lot…it was…we were just asked to park along the edge of the parking lot.  We got parked and before even going inside we walked next door to Applebee’s for dinner. We decided on a cup of soup for each of us and then we shared an appetizer platter… nice and warm!

By the time we were finished eating it was about 7:30 pm.  We walked back home and crawled into our nice snuggly cozy bed.

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