Moving Day: Palestine, TX To Glenwood, AR

Posted by on December 19, 2014

Wow!  We both slept good…in a Walmart parking lot, nonetheless!

We ended up dragging ourselves out of bed a few minutes before 8:00 am.  We got the bed made, got ourselves dressed and then walked over to Walmart in search of breakfast.  We were surprised to find that they had a McDonalds inside as we didn’t know they did.  We sat inside and ate our breakfast before heading back out to the coach to continue on our way.

Another dark and dreary day…but not as bad as the previous day and we didn’t come across any rain at all.

As we were passing through Tyler, Texas Michael noticed that the fuel prices were lower than we’d seen so we decided to stop and fill up both tanks.  We paid $2.65 a gallon for diesel and filled up both tanks for $137.00!  Normally it would have been $200.00 or more!  Sure do like these low fuel prices…but it’s kinda tough on those working in the oil fields as work is slow.

It was interesting to see all the oil field businesses along our way.  I know that they’re drilling all over the state but I guess before we started gate guarding we never paid any attention and now we’re quite aware of all of it.  We even saw a couple of Schlumberger trucks after we passed into Arkansas!

We continued on our way with no issues.  We stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen (Arkansas Welcome Center) for a quick bite to eat…too icky outside so the chef made our sandwiches in the coach and we enjoyed then from the comfort of the truck.  We made it a fairly quick stop (not our usual hour or so) as we wanted to be sure to get to Michael’s mom’s during daylight.

This was the first time I didn’t have to drive down Alice’s road with Michael on the top of the coach removing low-lying branches from the trees overhead.  We had a smooth shot all the way into the yard!

However, Michael decided to tuck the coach away in a little more out-of-the-way spot and in doing that it required that he trim some of the branches on the trees in the yard.  He removed the limbs with ease while I moved them to the brush pile.  With all the branches removed we got backed in and set up easily enough.

By the time we were finished setting up it was getting close to dinner time.  I grabbed a couple of packages of spaghetti sauce from the freezer, pasta from the cabinet and Parmesan cheese from the fridge and headed into the house to start dinner.

We visited for several hours and took inventory of the many boxes that we, Zack & Kelsea and Dan & Amanda have had shipped here in preparation for Christmas before heading home about 8:30 pm.  We didn’t stay up much after we got home…crawling into our nice warm bed and either reading or surfing before actually calling it a night and turning off the lights.

2 Responses to Moving Day: Palestine, TX To Glenwood, AR

  1. Jay Coffman

    Amazing! A Wal Mart inside the Wal Mart! LOL

    • Kelly

      A wise guy, eh?? Apparantly my proofreaders (Michael, Zack & Dan) are falling down on the job!)

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