Adios Cameron Lane…You Left Your Mark!

Posted by on December 13, 2014

I was up about 5:45 am while Michael slept until 7:30 am.  We had one vehicle in the middle of the night, Daniel, our company man and that was about 3:00 am and then nothing again until after 7:00 am…..a great way to spend our last night!

We had originally made plans for Jeremy (our service tech) to come and relieve us at 11:00 am.  That was before we knew that the gate was going to close today anyway.

With no phone service here (we have Verizon) Michael drove down to the other gate guards (they use AT&T) and used their phone to call Jeremy to let him know not to bring gate guards to relieve us since the gate would actually be closing.  He hadn’t heard about us being released yet so he made a phone call and confirmed that we (the other guards too) were indeed being released today…but at noon.  He asked that we stay until noon and we had no problem accommodating him.

We were hitched up and ready to go when Jeremy arrived.  Jeremy arrived and Michael had everything cleaned up and ready for him and all he had to do was hook up to the trailer and haul it off.  We pulled out at 11:45 am.  It took us almost 15 minutes to go the 2 miles to Cameron Lane and another 40 minutes to go the 7 miles down Cameron Lane to highway 97.   Michael took his time and tried to avoid as many of the bumps, potholes, craters and ruts as possible.

Once we were on 97 we took that two miles to highway 72 and then onto highway 99 that we followed all the way to Karnes City. We stopped in Whitsett in the office to check to see if we had any mail, which we didn’t.  We also stopped at the Shell station next door and pick up a couple of pieces of chicken for the road as it was almost 2:00 pm.  The chicken had just the right amount of spice to it and hit the spot.

Sweet Daisy girl!

Sweet Daisy girl!

We got a treat as we passed by our first gate of this fall…who did we spy?  DAISY!  Out in the field all by herself….Michael honked the horn as we went by and I just know that she recognized us!

W got to Karnes City and pulled into 110 spot in the yard – no sewer or water but we’ve got water in our tanks – so we’re fine with that.  The yard is otherwise full and we only plan to stay 2 nights, giving us time to get our mail and vegetate for a bit before moving on.

We chatted with Len & Anne as soon as we got out of the truck – they’ve been here since Tuesday waiting for a gate….they have 2 large dogs which can be a hindrance in the gate guard world as several oil companies won’t allow you to have pets..

Ugh...the drawer saved some stuff...

Ugh…the drawer saved some stuff…

When I went inside to get the interior of the coach set up I found a huge mess.  Cameron Road had claimed 15 pieces of houseware items.  As careful as Michel had been on that darn road….it wasn’t careful enough.  The cabinet doors holding our glassware and dishes had come open…allowing everything to fall onto the cabinets and floors – even into the drawers that had also popped open!  We lost a Corelle cereal bowl, Corelle serving bowl, wine glass, 3 juice glasses, fruit bowl, sugar bowl, salt & pepper shakers, salsa dish, casserole dish, canning jar, 2 cup measuring cup and ramekin.  I’d been wanting to clean out those cabinets and rid ourselves of some stuff that wasn’t really needed….but I didn’t really want to do it THAT way.  Ugh.

Chillin' in the yard for a couple days

Chillin’ in the yard for a couple of days

It took us a good hour to get everything cleaned up and while I finished the last bit of clean up and then began on setting up the inside of the house Michael put the truck into the bay behind us and used the pressure washer to wash the south Texas dust off of the truck.

One reason we needed to come to Karnes City was that we’d ordered a bunch of Christmas gifts before we were relieved of our last gate and needed to pick them up at the UPS Store where our mail box is located.   We made a quick stop there to pick them up and then headed over to Agave Jalisco in Kenedy for dinner.  We each ordered a combination plate (2 enchiladas, 1 crispy taco, rice and beans – no beans for me).  We also ordered some taquitos to try…different than the rolled up crispy taquitos I’ve had in the past…these on small, flat, softish tortillas and pretty tasty.

We were home fairly early and ended up hitting the hay very early…before 8:30 pm!

This morning we took a drive to the Donut Palace in Karnes City to pick up some jalapeno kolaches for breakfast….man they’re good!

While out we stopped at Walmart to make and exchange and replace a couple of the items we lost in yesterday’s disaster.  We also stopped at the UPS Store one last time before we leave as I’m expecting a small package from Jamberry.  Unfortunately, the mail had already arrived and it wasn’t with it.  While there we went ahead and renewed our mailbox for 6 months as we know we’ll be in the area until mid May.

With the use of the pressure washer here in the yard Michael set about cleaning the roof of the coach and then the coach itself.  So much easier with the pressure washer.

Anne dropped by to deliver some Christmas treats!  Wreath Cookies made with Corn Flakes…so sweet & thoughtful!

We went into Kenedy for an early dinner at Barth’s.  A local ‘mom & pop’ place with home cookin’.  Michael went with the Chicken Fried Steak and I went with the Ribeye.  Both came with the soup and salad bar and choice of potato.  Food was plentiful and good.  We both came home with leftovers to enjoy another day.

Tomorrow we start our trek north…although tomorrow is just a short trip to Ft. Sam for a couple of nights stay.





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