Things Change Quickly!

Posted by on December 11, 2014
  • I ended up waking up shortly after 4:00 am and after trying to go back to sleep with no luck got up about 4:15 am.
  • Coiled tubing had finished earlier and by the time I got up one of the crews had rigged down and left.  By 5:00 am several of the day crew were already in early to rig down.  A couple of flatbeds came in to haul out big equipment.
  • I spoke to, Daniel, our night company man about 5:30 am and asked if he thought we’d be released today or tomorrow and he said, “Today….about noon.”  Awesome!
  • Coiled tubing moving out

    Coiled tubing moving out

    By 6:30 am Gladiator (the coiled tubing crew) had pulled out and we just had the crane and 2 other crews left to finish up and move out.

  • The night company man, Vic, left at 7:30 am on his long drive home to Louisiana.  He told me we wouldn’t be released until tomorrow (Friday) as they had quite a bit of work to do yet today and some tomorrow.
  • Great guys, our crane operators!

    Great guys, our crane operators!

    By 10:30 am the crane and all of its parts and crew members pulled out.  We’ve found that our crane operators are some of the friendliest guys out there!

  • By 12:30 pm the last of the coil crews left.
  • Fesco started coming in around 1:00 pm.  They’ll be doing the flow testing next week.  They just brought their equipment in and will get it rigged up and ready to go so that they can just get right to work when they come back.
  • We still had quite a few flowback trucks coming in and hauling the waste water out, however, they slowed down quite a bit by mid afternoon.
  • We got nearly all of our ‘move chores’ out of the way today – packed up inside, satellite dish down and stowed, tanks emptied and hoses stored.  Laundry is caught up and put away.
  • To keep from having to do dishes we popped a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner and enjoyed it in our recliners.  For dessert??  Ice cream!
  • The last flow back truck pulled out at 7:15 pm.
  • Super Sucker crew left at 7:19 pm.  Super Sucker?  You might ask…it’s a real name…I swear!  It’s a big ol’ vac truck…and in this case they were sucking up on the waste water in some of the frac tanks and depositing it in the last flow back truck.
  • Company man left at 7:25 pm….and that left us all alone!  Awww…  Can you say, ‘Early to bed’??

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