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Posted by on December 10, 2014

Michael 4 – Mice 0

Monday 12/8

Coiled tubing up and running

Coiled tubing up and running

By the time I got up Halliburton had completely removed all of their equipment from the pad and coiled tubing was settled in. The crane had the coil up in the air and they were underway.

Normally when I’ve opened the gate at 9:00 am I’ve had quite a few vehicles waiting to leave and several waiting to come in.  This morning I didn’t have ONE vehicle waiting to depart and I only had 1 crew member come in shortly after 9:00 am

It’s funny how quickly things change.  I hadn’t filled up my first page by 1:00 pm where during the frac  I’d fill up almost 2 pages just at shift change.  However, Michael was exceptionally busy overnight with LOTS and LOTS of flowback trucks coming and going all night long.  He’d been hoping to be able to catch some Zzzz’s off and on throughout the night so he could start adjusting to a regular schedule but that wasn’t in the cards.

They’re building a new pad just down the road past us so we had a TON of gravel trucks coming and going on the road that we are parked off of.  Sure glad we didn’t have to log all of them in and out!  Yikes!

Michael drove over to Cotulla yesterday to fill the truck up with diesel in preparation for our departure.  While he was out he picked up some grub from a roadside stand – burgers and tacos.  Unfortunately, the tacos (more of a burrito) had refried beans in them and the burgers had mustard on them….neither of which I like.  I was able to remove most of the mustard so I could eat a burger and Michael ended up with 4 burritos and a burger to enjoy for several meals.

While Michael was out, Vic, the day company man stopped by to let us know that we no longer have restrictions on the gate and vehicles can come and go at all times now.  Bummer!  We were really enjoying ‘Closing Time’.  Oh well.

4 days til VACATION

Tuesday 12/9

We have a much smaller crew now than we did for the frac.  We have 5 companies that are here now to work the coil part of this process.  Those 5 companies only consist of a total of 11 guys…much more manageable!

About 9:00 am the gravel trucks were back…hauling gravel down to the new pad on the road we’re located off of.  Doesn’t really affect us other than they’ve been flying down that road throwing dust everywhere!  Sure hate to be them if/when the landowner sees them.

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hooray!

At 11:00 am one of my favorite oil field trucks came by….the road watering truck!  Woohoo!  He didn’t water our lease road but he did water the road that the gravel trucks have been tearing down.  That should help with the dust some….he only made one pass so I’m hoping that that was enough.  Our lease road hasn’t been bad at all so not being watered shouldn’t be an issue.

We’ve had 3 extra company men staying here over the last week.  This morning 2 of them left – 1 on days off and the other to a job in west Texas.  The third will leave Wednesday morning to head for a job in west Texas as well.  Now we’ll be back down to our normal 2 company men.

I did some cleaning today in preparation of our upcoming move – dusted downstairs and washed the inside of the windows downstairs. I’ll still need to dust once we get out of the oil patch but it won’t be nearly as bad.

3 days til VACATION

Wednesday 12/10

Michael had a pretty good night.  Not crazy traffic the night before so he was able to cat nap a bit here and there.  He even made breakfast for me when I got up shortly after 5:00 am…quesadillas!  Shortly after breakfast he went to bed…6:00 am or so.

Gettin' ready for my babies!

Gettin’ ready for my babies!

Started DVRing some of the grandbabies favorite TV shows so that if they want to chill out in Nana & Papaw’s home while we’re visiting Great Granny….they can!  Woohoo!  14 days til Grandbaby time!

Numbers have dropped in half.  From 180 average during the frac to 89 average during coil tubing.  Fracs normally average 230- 330 (rig moving out).

Before - look by the steps and around the island

Before – look by the steps and around the island

Still preparing to leave the oil patch.  Today I washed the floor in the kitchen – once again they’ll need to be hit again after we leave but they look SO much better now.  I was also able to get into the bedroom and dust as well as clean the window, mirrors and TV screen.

After - quite a bit of improvement!  But will still need a good clean when we get out of here.

After – quite a bit of improvement! But will still need a good clean when we get out of here.

They finished the coiled tubing on the first well yesterday afternoon and started on the second well about 6:00 pm.  I’m being told that they think they should be done sometime tomorrow.

Interestingly enough they won’t be continuing on with any more of the process.  I guess Hunt normally lets the area sit for a week before moving into flow testing.  I was feeling a bit bad about leaving in the middle of the process but I think we’ll be released on Friday anyway!

A woman who works for one of  the vendors and brings tickets to be signed by the company man came by today and gave me the most awesome can koozies – they have magnets on them so that if you’re working you can just ‘stick’ your drink anywhere for later use!  Pretty neat.

I can tell it’s about time for vacation as the days seem to be dragging on.  Ugh.

2 days til VACATION



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