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The Flu Strikes

Saturday 12/27 Ten of us drove into Hot Springs to get out of the house and let the kids spread out a bit.  Unfortunately it was raining which didn’t leave us a whole lot of options. We decided to try the National Park Aquarium as it was indoors and reasonable – all the kids were … Continue reading »

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Christmas Holidays

My posts might become a bit sparse over the next week or so as the days will be busy and chaotic with little time to breathe much less blog. I was up about 6:30 am on Christmas Eve to gather my thoughts and slowly merge into the day.  I’d started receiving texts about 5:40 am … Continue reading »

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This is Christmas & More

Friday 12/19 We spent the majority of the day just settling in and visiting with Alice, Michael’s mom. We went to the Fish Nest in Glenwood for dinner.  Michael’s brother Eddie, his wife Val, Alice and her grand-daughter, Allicia joined us.  We enjoyed their seafood buffet and the family time around the table. Saturday 12/20 … Continue reading »

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Moving Day: Palestine, TX To Glenwood, AR

Wow!  We both slept good…in a Walmart parking lot, nonetheless! We ended up dragging ourselves out of bed a few minutes before 8:00 am.  We got the bed made, got ourselves dressed and then walked over to Walmart in search of breakfast.  We were surprised to find that they had a McDonalds inside as we didn’t … Continue reading »

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Moving Day: San Antonio, TX To Palestine, TX

I was awake much too early (5:30 am) and couldn’t fall back to sleep so just decided to go ahead and get up.  It was ok because I worked on double checking my lists for Christmas (meals, gifts, things to do, etc) to be sure I don’t forget anything.  I also put together a calendar … Continue reading »

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