Shopping, Leftovers and An Unwelcome Visitor

Posted by on November 30, 2014

Friday 11/28 

  • Traffic has been quite manageable with just  57 vehicles in and out on  Thursday and  55 on Friday.  We also have traffic coming and going to the central facility but are not required to log them in and out but we do go to the door and wave them on as acknowledgement.
  • We each did a little online Black Friday Shopping.  I ordered a game from Amazon for everyone to play when we are all together for Christmas.  Michael ordered some new patio mats and miscellaneous odds and ends from Camping World.  I also ordered some new nails wraps from Jamberry.  If you haven’t tried Jamberry yet…check it out HERE!  They’re awesome!
  • With all the yummy food we received on Thursday we enjoyed Thanksgiving Reruns for dinner and still have enough for another meal!

Saturday 11/29

  • Another quiet day….ahhhh….we could get used to this!  Just 45 vehicles in and out today.
  • Did some more online shopping today.  I pretty much finished up our Christmas shopping – just have a few items left to pick up.
  • Michael did online maintenance shopping – ordered a cam for the cam lock on our generator door.  The original one is not quite long enough so we’re not able to lock the door.  This one is just a bit longer and should do the trick.
  • He also ordered a few items from Lippert for our screen door – the clear plastic panels in the middle of the door that house the door opening mechanism.  One is cracked and they’re just looking kinda dingy.  He also ordered two extra door keys.
  • With all the quiet time it was nice to be able to get the bed sheets and laundry washed in relatively short order.
  • For dinner we finally had what we had originally planned on for Thanksgiving – Bacon wrapped filets, shrimp sautéed in garlic butter and baked potatoes.  Everything was very good.  I picked up the filets at one of the commissaries we stopped at over the summer and I’m gonna have to see if I can find ’em again as they were super affordable ($4.25!) and very tasty!
  • I talked to the day driller this evening and found out a little more information.  They are drilling 4 wells on the current pad.  They’ve completed on and had started drilling the 2nd a few days ago.  It takes roughly 15 days to complete one well – if they are no issues.  So it sounds like they’ll still be here into January.

Sunday 11/30

  • First thing this morning I heard a strange noise…and then another….told Michael to shhhh…but didn’t hear anything more.  We both went back to our laptops and out of the corner of my eye I saw movement on the floor.  Ugh!  Michael got down on his hands and knees and saw Mr. Mouse underneath one of the barrel cabinets on the island!  Time to put out the old mouse traps again.  Stay tuned…
  • Johnnie hooking up the water hose to the truck

    Johnnie hooking up the water hose to the truck

    The rig provides us with bottled drinking water, bottled Gatorade and ice.  On other gates our service tech fills our 500 gallon water tank and fuel.  However, here the company that fills the water supply for the rig also fills ours.  This morning Johnnie filled us up from his big ol’ huge water truck.  He comes by every 4 days…we won’t need to be filled that often though.

  • Michael watching the water flow into the tank

    Michael watching the water flow into the tank

    Used the last of our Thanksgiving turkey and ham to make Thanksgiving Dinner Leftover wraps for lunch and the rest of the cranberries and stuffing to top off our dinner of Crockpot Cube Steak & Gravy.  No more leftovers!

  • As Michael was washing the dinner dishes we noticed water coming from under the island where the sink is…as I write this he is investigating as the cause wasn’t immediately apparent.  He’s emptied out the cabinet below the sink and will watch it to see if he can figure out the cause.  Stay tuned…









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