New Gate, New Friends

Posted by on November 25, 2014

We were up about 6:00 am.  I took time to relax in my recliner and ‘surf’.  I had most everything in the house ready to go and Michael had just a few things outside to do so that we were ready to pull out when Austin got the the yard shortly after 8:00 am.

Our new home.  Behind the coach you can see the central production facility and you can see the rig standing tall just in front of our coaches front cap.

Our new home. Behind the coach you can see the central production facility and you can see the rig standing tall just in front of our coaches front cap.

The 13 mile journey to our home for the next 3 weeks went smoothly.  We’re further away from town now but still not too bad.  We’re now on County Road 197, which is northwest of Karnes City going toward Falls City.

We got here just about 8:25 am and the guards that we’re relieving had moved their coach out of the way and pretty much handed us the log sheets and were on their way by 8:35 am.

The pad for the coach is kind of on the smaller side and a bit un-level so it took Michael quite a bit longer than normal to get things leveled and squared away but he got it taken care of.  He ended up manually leveling the coach which worked much better than using the Level-Up.  The Level-Up had all the tires off the ground and all the jacks fully extended – which is not the ideal situation.

New friends!

New friends!

I was pleased to see that we had a small group (8-10) cows come visit.  They are in a fenced in area just across the road from us so I’ll be able to enjoy watching them but without the cow pies, rubbing up against the coach or messing with the satellite dish.  Win!

Traffic hasn’t been bad at all.  We don’t have to log in/log out anyone that is going to the production facility behind us so we just wave them on.  There hasn’t been too much traffic coming or going from there today.

A little closer up pic of the rig

A little closer up pic of the rig

We have traffic coming and going to the rig and also to a new pad being built down near the rig as well.  We also have some traffic coming and going to a little house just down the road from us.  The land owner has a couple that is building or remodeling a home for him.  The couple lives in a trailer next to the home.  The woman came out this morning and said that some morning she is going to get up early enough and she will make us some breakfast tacos….AWESOME!

We’re also told that some of the land owners kids may come and go to the house as well…but we haven’t met any of them yet.

The bell coming from the rig was only working periodically so Michael took a look at it, shortened it some and it seemed to working fine.  However, it wasn’t long before we had trucks sitting outside and the bell hadn’t gone off.  Michael went out again…shortened the hose a little bit more and so far it seems to have done the trick this time.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanksgiving pies!

Thanksgiving pies!

I think we’ll like it here.  We have an interesting view out our dining room window.  We have cows and goats.  The people are friendly.  The ladies that clean the trailers gave us 3 mini pies (apple, pumpkin & pecan) for Thanksgiving.  Once we get to know the guys…it’ll be really nice.

Just a note on our furnace not working properly/putting out heat.  It really helps if you have propane in your tanks!  😉  Ahem….Michael!

2 Responses to New Gate, New Friends

  1. Donna Rogers

    We keep the orange squares for under the feet of the level up we “stroke out” in an unlevel spot. That has only happened twice. Just a thought.

    • Kelly

      I’m not quite sure what you’re saying, Donna. We use leveling blocks under our jacks but the oil patch doesn’t always have the best pads to park on and this one is pretty uneven so even leveling blocks didn’t help.

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