A Surprise Visit While We Wait

Posted by on November 23, 2014

Saturday 11/22

  • Slept til 7:45am ish….feels SO good to be able to do that!
  • When we got up the fridge was sitting at 54 degrees and pretty much stayed that way all day.  🙁  Although….the freezer was working just fine.
  • It rained a few times in the morning but nothing too bad.
  • Debbie & Rod got a gate around 2:00 pm and they ended up just about a mile from our last gate.  They’ll be doing a completion (frac, coiled tubing, wireline, workover rig, flowback) just like we did.  They’re actually at the gate that we got a lot of the traffic that didn’t know how to follow directions for!
  • With Debbie & Rod gone that leaves just one other couple ahead of us waiting for a gate.  However, they have 2 dogs and not all jobs allow dogs so we could be next in line or 2nd in line.  We’re hearing that there should be a couple of gates opening up shortly.
  • We did end up with a storm front coming through about 8:45 pm.  We’d gotten an alert on our phones that the wind was supposed to pick up to 40-60 mph so we brought the slides on the main floor in.  We were in bed anyway so it was no hinderance.  The storm didn’t last long….25 minutes total maybe.  Although the really windy party last all of 10 minutes if that.  Our satellite dish got blown over and got dinged up pretty good but worked just fine when Michael set it back up.  Whew!

Sunday 11/23

  • We REALLY slept in today….didn’t crawl out of bed until after 8:30 am!  THAT was most awesome!  Won’t be long and we won’t be able to enjoy days like that again so we’ll take full advantage while we can!
  • Praying the the refrigerator saga is over!

    Praying the the refrigerator saga is over!

    When we got up this morning the fridge was down to 34 degrees…right where it should be!  Took somewhere between 30-36 hours but it finally got there.  Michael reminded me that that’s how long it took in the past.  Just praying that it stays that way and we have no more issues.

  • I threw a pork roast in the crock pot and Michael fiddled with the central vac that seems to have bitten the dust.  Pretty sure his final diagnosis is was that we needed a new one.  Strangely enough when he put the vac back together it was working again!  Of course, when he reinstalled it in the basement….it didn’t work again.
  • He also checked the furnace that doesn’t seem to want to spit out any heat. We thought it might be that we were out of propane but that wasn’t the problem.
  • We had a guy knock on our door who is also a gate guard.  He didn’t speak very good English but I did get that he had just got off a gate and wanted us to pull his camper to San Antonio tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately, there is something stuck in our hitch and Michael doesn’t have a ball so we couldn’t help him out.  I just have to shake my head and wonder about gate guards who do not have their own transportation/ability to pull their RVs??  He’s not the first we’ve come across.
  • Four happy boys!

    Four happy boys!

    We got a very pleasant surprise when Kevin, one of our service techs, stopped by with 4 of his 5 sons!  The boys range in age from 10 months to 6-year-old twins.  They had a blast checking out the coach while Michael and I perused the items that Wilson (#3 in line) was selling for school.  Michael must have been hungry as we ended up ordering 2 different cookies and some fudge too!  Kevin will hold on to the items for us until we get back from Arkansas in January.

  • We had 2 more RVs arrive in the yard today…which now makes a total of 5 of us here waiting for a gate and 1 additional in the storage area – that’s the guy that wanted us to pull it to San Antonio tomorrow.  In other words, we have a full house!  Hopefully someone (us) will leave tomorrow.

We have just 3 weeks before we plan to leave to head toward Arkansas for Christmas with Michael’s mom and our boys and their families.  Ahhhhh










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