Chinese & Refrigerator Repair

Posted by on November 21, 2014

Thursday 11/20

Well gosh darn it!  I’d planned to sleep in this morning but my internal ‘gate guard’ clock went off at 5:18 am.  I put it on ‘snooze’ but it didn’t do any good and I finally got up shortly after 6:00 am.  Thankfully, I slept good and didn’t hear any phantom ‘Ding, Dings’ during the night.

Michael must have suffered from the same syndrome as he got up about 6:30 am but went and laid down for another half hour or so before giving up and checking messages from his phone while still lying in bed.

We drove over to Floresville (about 25 miles away) so that I could get my Chinese fix.  Debbie and Rod went too.  We took separate vehicles as we both had some errands to run too.  We went to the one and only (or so we thought) Chinese restaurant, Rice to Go.  It’s a tiny little place and the food wasn’t too bad and, of course, the company was great.  After an hour or so we went our separate ways.

Wilson County Hardware

Wilson County Hardware

Our first stop was an old mom & pop hardware store in downtown Floresville.  The downtown area looked like there should have been a couple of horses hitched up to a hitching posts.  Historic buildings, town square with the courthouse in the middle and they even had their Christmas tree set up.

In memory of the county's first peanut farmer

In memory of the county’s first peanut farmer

Also in the ‘square’ was a giant peanut statue.  The statue was erected in honor of Joel T. Sheety who experimented with peanut farming in 1916 and brought it to the local area.

Our final stop before heading back home was at Walmart where we picked up a few odds and end – Christmas paper, juice, Health & Beauty items, shop towels, a heavy duty extension cord and a couple of club chairs.

When we got home Rod & Len, two of our neighbors were outside chatting.  We joined them and then Debbie and Anne followed not long after.  We had a good time discussing our gate guarding adventures for an hour or so before we all headed inside and called it a night.

Friday 11/21

No ‘Knock, Knock’s’ this morning so we enjoyed sitting in our recliners watching TV and surfing the internet without any interruptions.

Michael made a quick trip into Kenedy to pick up a part he’d ordered from the Ford dealer to fix our cigarette lighters/phone charging outlets.  He also stopped and picked up a couple of boxes that were waiting UPS Store for us.

Refrigerator removed

Refrigerator removed

We got a call from Go RV this morning that they had the parts to fix our refrigerator and would be over between 2:00 and 4:00 pm to do the work.

Aran and his helper arrived about 2:30 pm and while they got things set up I emptied the freezer and refrigerator items into the cooler.  The refrigerator has actually been working pretty good the last couple of weeks and we’ve been able to move most of our food back in.  However, we don’t want to take any chances with it going haywire again and since the insurance company has already paid to fix it we’ll go ahead with the fix.

New cooling unit in place

New cooling unit in place

Due to space limitations Aran and his partner took the fridge out of its space in the slide and took it outside.  They set it on the tailgate of their truck to do the work (we prayed that it wouldn’t rain!).  They removed the doors in order to get it out of the coach door easier.  It was actually a pretty smooth operation.

Of course, it started raining while they were hard at work.  But we put the awning out and they back the truck (with the fridge on it) under the awning and were back at work in no time.  Thankfully, it didn’t rain long and it didn’t hinder their work as they had a lot of work ahead.

Old cooling unit

Old cooling unit

It took them about 5 hours to  switch the cooling units out and replace the water line for the ice maker.  That included taking the entire refrigerator out and then putting it back in too.  Michael was with them every step of the way, watching and learning.  He says if it ever happens again he’ll be able to do the work himself.

Now we just wait to see if it cools.  As of 9:00 pm the refrigerator reads 60 degrees – hopefully that changes dramatically by the time we get up in the morning.  *Fingers, eyes and toes crossed*  Let’s hope this puts an end to the refrigerator saga.






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