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Posted by on November 19, 2014

Tuesday 11/18

  • Today we had a new company man come in as the old one went on days off.  He thought that if everything went according to plan he’d be releasing us tomorrow.  He was only here an hour or so to check on the flowback crew and then left again.
  • You might remember that the workover rig is still here…they just moved it onto a different pad until it was needed in another location.  The company man, Jay, came in yesterday and spent the night down on the pad.  He let us know that the rig would be moving out today about noon.  The crew started arriving shortly before noon and were gone by 1:30 pm.
  • Rod & Debbie

    Rod & Debbie

    Our friends and fellow gate guards, Debbie & Rod, came by this afternoon.  They’ve been waiting in the Karnes City yard for a gate.  They’re getting a gate tomorrow morning so we’re thankful that they stopped by today as it may be the last time we see them for a while.  Debbie made homemade chocolate chip cookies and even brought a plate for us!  We had a great visit and time flew by and before we knew it they needed to be on their way.

  • Tried another new recipe today…a crock pot one this time for Chicken Tortilla Soup.  We topped it with a mound of Monterrey Jack cheese and tortilla strips and it was quite yummy!  Next time I’ll have an avocado on hand and put a few thin slices on top of each bowl as well.  Yum!

Wednesday 11/19

  • The flowback crew were released at midnight last night so we had some traffic between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am while the safety company rigged down.  We’d been told by the company man who when he released the flowback crew he’d also call Stephanie at Gate Guard Services and release us.
  • We stayed in bed until about 7:00 am…so nice and warm and comfy!
  • Michael took a trip into Karnes City to the Donut Palace and picked up some Kolaches and Donuts for breakfast.  Yum!
  • While Michael was gone I worked on ‘rigging down’ the house.
  • Michael did some ‘rigging down’ around the outside of the coach in anticipation of our pulling out.
  • Flowback crew lined up waiting to high tail it off the lease

    Flowback crew lined up waiting to high tail it off the lease

    Extra flowback crew started coming in around 8:00 am to help the regular crew get rigged down.  The whole lot of ’em pulled out by 11:30 am.

  • Various crews came in and picked up equipment, light sets, porta-potties, manlifts, etc.
  • By 1:00 pm we hadn’t heard anything from Gate Guard Services about being released and the last guy from Marathon that left didn’t know anything and just said to sit tight until we heard from our gate guard company.  We’d pretty much packed everything away and didn’t want to pull stuff out again so Michael decided to go into town to pick up a late lunch for us from Jerry B’s.  We had several packages waiting for us at the UPS Store anyway so he picked those up as well.
  • At 1:45 pm Michael got a text from our service tech letting us know we’d been released.  Go figure!
  • Just after Michael got the text from Austin, Stephanie, our Gate Guard sales rep stopped by and let me know we’d been released.
  • Michael got back about 10 minutes before Austin (our service tech) arrived to pack up the service trailers.  While Austin & Kevin packed up the service trailers Michael and I finished getting the coach ready to move out.
  • Back in the yard....Debbie & Rod are in the Motorhome

    Back in the yard….Debbie & Rod are in the Motorhome

    We pulled out of the gate by 3:00 pm and were backing into a site in the yard just 3.9 miles away minutes later.

  • Our next door neighbor is a couple we met back in the spring while we were both waiting for gates.
  • 2 doors down are our friends, Debbie & Rod, who visited us yesterday.
Red Dog

Red Dog

We met Debbie & Rod at a new restaurant in Kenedy called the Red Dog Ice House for dinner.  We didn’t get a chance to eat the lunch that Michael brought home so that will be a nice easy meal for another day!  LOL  We had a great time chatting over our meal.  I think we could chitchat forever sometimes but we called it a day fairly early and all headed ‘home’ so that Rod could enjoy a cigar.

  • Shouldn’t be too long before we get a gate….hopefully.  Looking forward to sleeping tonight and NOT hearing ‘DING, DING’!!




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