Slip, Sliddin’ Away…

Posted by on November 18, 2014

Sunday 11/18

  • We enjoyed a very quiet day with just 23 vehicles entering the gate and 24 going out.  That was fine with us as we worked on cleaning up the DVR.  We’d had quite a few shows accumulating and taking up space so it was high time to get some of them watched.
  • Stand off

    Stand off

    The rain pretty much let up in the early morning but we still had a little mist making our road pretty darn slick.  We had a couple of semi’s come in that kind of had a little game of Chicken going on before one of them backed up and moved over so that they could pass each other.

  • I tried another new recipe, Taco Casserole, and we were both happy with the way it turned out and have enough left for lunch.
  • We took advantage of a quiet evening and went to bed shortly after 7:30 pm and turned the light out.
  • The wind picked up enough that we closed the slides on the main floor for the night.


Monday  11/17

  • Michael 2 – Mice – 0
  • We lounged in bed for over an hour this morning…just reading Facebook from our phones, enjoying cuddling.  We’d had ‘shift change’ 4 vehicles come through at 5:30ish but neither of us wanted to get out of bed to face the cold…so we lingered.
  • Thankfully, the rain left and sun came out today giving the road a chance to dry up some.  The temperature could have been a bit higher (54 degrees) but compared to the last couple of days today turned out pretty nice.
  • Spoke to one of the flowback crew this afternoon and he said they’re thinking they should be pulling out either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.  With that thought Michael and I figure we’ll be done Thursday or possibly Friday.  Time will tell.
  • Daisy and her buddies...a few more arrived shortly after this picture.

    Daisy and her buddies…a few more arrived shortly after this picture.

    Daisy came by in search of a treat and we obliged.  However, a few of her bovine buddies noticed that she got treats and felt that they were deserving as well.  These normally standoffish ladies found the courage to wander over to see about getting a treat too.  We gave the first 2 some treats but when several more arrived we found the error in our ways and put the treats away.  No way could we give treats to 55 cows!  They hung around for a little while in hopes that we were teasing but when they realized that the treats had dried up they moseyed on.  Whew!


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