Daisy’s Back!

Posted by on November 15, 2014

Thursday 11/13

  • We had a nice, quiet night.  The bell didn’t ring until 4:30 am and I slept until 6:30 am!  Or at least stayed in bed until then.  I woke up about 4:15 am and had a hard to going back to sleep but enjoyed lying in the nice warm bed anyway.
  • Michael 1 – Mouse 0
  • At 6:30 am it was 37 degrees and WINDY!  It only reached a high of 46 but the wind died down which made it much more bearable.
  • Still no work being done down on the pad.  The plug, a ceramic disk, that is at the bottom of the well holding back the oil won’t budge.  It seems that they normally just hit the disc and it breaks and allows the oil to flow but this is one stubborn disc and won’t break.  They’ve been putzing with this particular well since Tuesday afternoon!
  • We pretty much always leave our door open (tacked back) as we have plexiglass on the screen door and it works pretty darn good as an insulator.  Michael will close the big door at night if he sleeps in the bed with me and then I open it again when I get up.  Today with the cold we get the door closed until noon to help keep the inside nice and toasty!
  • We got a call from Go RV telling us that the insurance company would not approve a new refrigerator but would approve the repair of this one….which is fine with us….we just want a completely functional refrigerator again.  Go RV will order the parts and they should have them in hand Monday or Tuesday.  We are now on day 43.
  • Worked with the kids to do some Christmas planning – confirmed flights, rental cars and meals.  Only 41 days!  Can’t wait to have them all together in the same place!

Friday 11/14

  • Still no progress with the well when we got up this morning.  The troublesome disk is almost 12,000 feet down and buried beneath about 6 feet of dirt, water, sludge and nothing seems to be working to get it broken.  We heard rumor that they’re talking of bringing coiled tubing back in to get the issue resolved.  Time will tell.
  • Daisy making a beeline to me

    Daisy making a beeline to me

    Daisy’s back and she brought about 55 of her closest cow friends with her!  Their owner told us yesterday that he was going to let them into this pasture if it was ok with us….ahhhhh…Yeah, we’re fine with that!  Didn’t take long before Daisy made her way over and I got her some treats.  She didn’t stay long as she has ‘new’ friends to play with.

  • With it being so slow we were able to get some household chores out of the way – laundry, dusting, defrosting the freezer.  Michael also removed and reapplied the 3M tape that holds our plexiglass in place on the door.
  • Coiled Tubing coming back in

    Coiled Tubing coming back in

    They did end up calling coiled tubing in and the coiled tubing crew arrived about 2:30 pm.  It’s sounds like after rigging up and get situated and doing their job they should probably be leaving again sometime tomorrow…once again….only time will tell.

  • I made a pot of Cheesy Sausage & Potato chowder that really hit the spot on a chilly evening.

Saturday 11/15

  • Woke up to 42 degrees and mist.  Makes for uncomfortable logging in and out of vehicles.
  • We had been told last night that coiled tubing should be done about 3:00 am so when I got up at 4:45 am I expected to see the crane down at least….but it wasn’t.  As the night safety guy left about 5:30 am I found out that there was some problem and coiled tubing was having to go back into the hole.  Hmmm….beginning to think there’s some kind of hex on this lease.  LOL
  • With the coil tubing crew coming in yesterday we had a bit of a rise in traffic with 80 vehicles on Thursday and 148 on Friday.  Weekends tend to be a bit quieter so we’ll see how today and tomorrow go.
  • A gift from one of our sweet drivers

    A gift from one of our sweet drivers

    Since it was wet, muddy and misty this morning one of the flowback drivers said he had to give me something before he left this morning.  He proceeded to open his HEB bag and hand me cough drops, Alka Selzer Plus and Nyquil tabs so that we don’t get sick!  I’m telling you….these guys are some of the sweetest guys out there!

  • Found out that the problem with coil tubing is that they keep breaking bits which means they have to come out of the well, add a new bit and go all the way back down nearly 12,000 feet to start working again.  The company man said it’s a ‘problem well’…ya think??  I tried to refuse…but he wasn’t taking ‘No’ for an answer.
  • I went into town to pick up some groceries and I brought back Sonic for lunch.  I got home about 1:00 pm and found out that coiled tubing had finally finished and broken through the disc!  Only took 5 days to do something that was supposed to take 5 minutes!
  • Justin, the owner of the cows stopped by this afternoon to chat a bit….nice guy.
  • The rainy/misty junk continued throughout the day making our road one big slippery slide.  Trucks were taking it VERY slowly and by early afternoon we gave up walking on it and just started ‘working from home’…logging people in and out from the doorway.  Too dangerous to walk in that muck.
  • By 4:30 all of the ‘excess’ crews were gone and all that was left down on the pad were the actual flowback crew and several company men from Marathon.  However, that didn’t last long as all of the company left by 5:15 pm – I suspect they went out to dinner to celebrate!
  • We could tell that the flowback crew was hard at work as we were treated to a super big flare stack flame burning away.

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