Wish For Our Heroes

Posted by on November 12, 2014
Texas Wish for Our Heroes

Texas Wish for Our Heroes

Thanks to my awesome friend, Anita, who sent me a link to Wish for Our Heroes, I now know what the bicycle parade that passed by us on Monday was all about.  It was the 4th annual bike ride that raises money for Texas members of the United States Armed Forces.  The ride started out in Fort Worth on November 5th and ended in Corpus Christi on Veterans Day (November 11th) with overnight stops in between.  When we saw them they were headed toward Beeville which is about 40 miles south of us. Thanks, Nita!


  • The 2 company men from Wireline that had been staying here waiting for their next assignment got their new assignment and left about 9:00 am.
  • Michael finished the bag of Mexican Tostitos we were given several weeks ago by one of the sand truck drivers.  Mind you…this was an individual sized bag of chips but we could only eat a couple at one time.  I quit eating them a while ago as the closer we got to the bottom of the bag the redder (and spicier!) they got!  After finishing the last few today, Michael said, “That’s just pure torture!”
  • The ‘Arctic Blast’ hit us about 10:00 am….wind picked up and blew over our GGS sign and the temperature dropped by about 9 degrees in just minutes.  Crazy stuff.  Just glad we’re not getting pummeled with snow and really low temps like some areas!
  • Austin came and filled up our water and fuel this afternoon.  Michael texted him yesterday and let him know we were starting to get low.
  • The company man for flowback arrived on location mid-afternoon.  If things go well they’ll be done with flowback in about 4 days.
  • The 4th well was done be ‘worked over’ by mid-afternoon.
  • The company that will be doing the flowback started arriving about 5:30 pm.  They brought their own campers so they’ll be staying on location – about 12 guys or so.
  • The rig was down by 8:00 pm and then was moved over to the pad next door where it will stay until it has its next assignment.  The rig crew pulled out just before 9:00 pm and will be back to pick up their equipment when they know where they’re headed to next.


  • VERY BUSY night last night.  Big trucks, little trucks, trucks pulling trailers, trucks with no trailers….poor Michael was one busy dude.  He filled one complete page between 6:00 pm and 12:00 am alone.  Which is very unusual.
  • It was about 40 degrees when I got up this morning.  Michael had the fireplace and the living room heat pump going so it was comfortable in the house.
  • I had to break down and put socks on yesterday (and they’re on again today)…those of you who know me, know that I don’t do socks very often at all.  Ugh!  I like my flip flops….
  • Dang it!  With this darn cold weather a darn mouse has entered my house!  Time for Michael to go on a mouse hunt!
  • A guess a couple of the crews from the workover rig had some issues and were still here this afternoon trying to get things finished so that the Flowback crew could get started.  Until they get things worked out the whole show is held up.
  • Thankfully it wasn’t too terribly busy today and I didn’t have to be outside in the cold too much.  Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow!



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  1. Anita-Wayne Cooper

    You are very welcome for the info on the bike riders.I have this weird enjoyment of investigating things. I am so excited that I made it into your blog!!

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