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Shopping, Leftovers and An Unwelcome Visitor

Friday 11/28  Traffic has been quite manageable with just  57 vehicles in and out on  Thursday and  55 on Friday.  We also have traffic coming and going to the central facility but are not required to log them in and out but we do go to the door and wave them on as acknowledgement. We … Continue reading »

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Can of Spam

Wednesday 11/26 We found when we got here that the previous gate guards hadn’t been logging the rig crew in or out so it looked like we didn’t have hardly anyone down on the pad.  The crew slowly started coming out to go into town for various reasons so we have been ‘re-teaching’ them to … Continue reading »

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New Gate, New Friends

We were up about 6:00 am.  I took time to relax in my recliner and ‘surf’.  I had most everything in the house ready to go and Michael had just a few things outside to do so that we were ready to pull out when Austin got the the yard shortly after 8:00 am. The 13 mile … Continue reading »

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New Gate on the Horizon

We were preparing to go into town to run a few errands and Austin stopped by to tell us he had a gate for us.  When he first told us it would be today, as soon as we were ready to go but that changed in the span of about 10 minutes.  We’ll be leaving … Continue reading »

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A Surprise Visit While We Wait

Saturday 11/22 Slept til 7:45am ish….feels SO good to be able to do that! When we got up the fridge was sitting at 54 degrees and pretty much stayed that way all day.  🙁  Although….the freezer was working just fine. It rained a few times in the morning but nothing too bad. Debbie & Rod … Continue reading »

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