Nearing the End of the Frac

Posted by on October 30, 2014


  • We had a crew change a couple of days ago and we could tell by the number of sand trucks we had checked in and waiting to unload.  The last crew did a good job of coordinating their sand deliveries and we never had over 10.  Now we’re back up to having 15+ and having a few here and there diverted to other wells.
  • Daisy has learned to ‘paw’ at our front steps to get our attention if we’re not outside.  Sassy thing…she’s is gonna have to ‘unlearn’ that little trick!
  • Had a sales guy come in today that remembered me from one of gates this past spring.  I knew he looked familiar and once he gave me his name it all came back.  One of my favorites….always very friendly and we had some good conversations.  It’s really nice to see ‘the old guys’!
  • There goes the trash trailer!

    There goes the trash trailer!

    The gentleman that comes and picks up the trash trailer from down on the location always asks if we have any garbage to go….never seem to have any when he’s here.  Although today Michael had taken it out and it was sitting on the back of the pick up so the trash guy grabbed it and took it with him.  Nice to have a free site with full-hook ups AND trash pick up too!!

  • The sand truck driver that gave us a bag of Mexican Tostitos (Queso Picante) to try came back in this morning and asked what we thought of them.  We hadn’t tried them yet so we made a point of opening the bag before he left so that we could report back.  Wow!  Talk about HOT!!  We each had one and our mouths were on fire!  At that rate the small bag we have will last us til the end of the year!
  • Michael thought that our service guy, Austin, had told him he was going to be here on Monday (the 27th) to fill our water the last time he was here but he never showed.  Michael texted him this morning to let him know we were getting kind of low and that tomorrow would be fine to fill us up.  He ended up coming this afternoon and filling up the water, the fuel and changing the oil in the generator.
  • Pretty darn good spaghetti & meatballs

    Pretty darn good spaghetti & meatballs

    Today’s meal:  Spaghetti & meatballs, mixed vegetables, bread stick and cheese cake.  I don’t usually care for any spaghetti buy my mama’s recipe but this was surprisingly good.


  • The frac seems to be moving along smoothly.  I was told this morning that they have 15 stages left until they are done.  If everything goes smoothly with no hold-ups they should be done sometime on Saturday and be moved out on Sunday.
  • Unfortunately, one of the guys was let go today (not one we were familiar with as he just came in this morning for the first time).  He works for a company that requires them to be clean-shaven because of their use of respirators.  If not clean-shaven the respirator can’t get the proper seal that is needed.  He was young…hopefully he realizes that rules are in place for a reason.
  • Daisy has gotten to the point where she wants us to pet her….almost to the point of giving her a massage.  Such a sweetheart she is.
  • Spoke with the superintendent over this job and he thought we’d be here another 2 weeks or so….which is good, we were just hoping for a little longer.
  • My sweet love notes!

    My sweet love notes!

    Today’s meal:  Chicken cordon blue, mashed potatoes, cheesy cauliflower, dinner roll and lemon bar. HUGE portion of chicken.  Pretty tasty with a cheesy sauce over the top.  Cauliflower was pretty much mush.  :-/  On a happier note – the people who deliver our meals are SO awesome.  They started drawing a smiley face on the top of my Styrofoam container a while back and have recently added a star…today they even added a ghost for Halloween!


  • I got the best compliment today!  I was told that we are ‘the best gate guards’ he’d seen in a long time.  He said normally if gate guards are friendly they don’t do a very good job of moving the traffic along and keeping the main road open or they just aren’t friendly.  Felt SO good to hear that and made not sleeping with my husband a little easier.  I don’t think either of us go out of our way to be friendly…just treat the guys like we’d want to be treated.
  • Looks like the frac may actually be ending tomorrow.  About 10:30 this morning I was told they had just 8 stages left and they normally can’t complete 4 stages in a 12 hour shift.  Plus I talked with one of the company men and he said they should be done tomorrow and even start rigging down tomorrow afternoon/early evening.  I have to admit Michael and I are both ready…2+ weeks worth of fracing is pretty tiring.  The longest we’ve gone through a frac before is 8 days.  We’ll welcome some quieter traffic days for sure!
  • Great little helper!

    Great little helper!

    Something that we invested in this go-round was a mirror that we clip on to our dining room window covering.  While sitting at the dining room table we have a great view of the traffic coming off the main road but it’s hard to see whats coming from the pad unless you turn completely around.  With the new mirror in place it’s just like looking in the rear view mirror of a car and we can see all the way down the road to the pad…it’s great!  I found one on Amazon for just under $18.00 and it’s worth every penny.  If you’re interested in purchasing one you can click HERE.

  • Today’s meal:  Breaded pork chops, sweet potatoes, green beans, salad, dinner roll and some kind of bar for dessert.
In this picture you can see the equipment at the bottom of the crane.  That's connected to the last well being fraced

In this picture you can see the equipment at the bottom of the crane. That’s connected to the last well being fraced



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