Getting Into A Routine

Posted by on October 24, 2014

Our days have become routine.  Work 12 hours, eat, sleep, repeat.  We try to make the most of the time we get together (usually about 4 to 5 hours per day).  I’m a big baby and really miss sleeping with my husband…you kinda get used to it after almost 30 years, ya know?

Here’s a brief recap of the last few days.


  • What a beautiful sunrise

    What a beautiful sunrise

    Ryan from Go RV came Tuesday evening about 8:00 pm to install the new thermistor in the refrigerator.

  • The entire refrigerator had to be removed in order to do so. (Gave Michael a chance to vacuum out that spot).
  • When I got up at 2:30 am the following morning the fridge temp was still at 60 degrees.  By 3:30 pm it was down to 53.  As of this morning (Friday) at 3:00 am it was at 38 degrees.  Is it fixed?  Doesn’t seem like it should have taken that long to cool down.
  • Aaron has called each day since installing it to see how it was going.  He was going to contact Dometic again to see if they had any more advice.
  • We’ll have to keep an eye on it and see how things go.  He mentioned that he may just have to order a new refrigerator if this doesn’t work.  Thank goodness for extended warranties.
  • Today’s food delivery was Chicken Alfredo, bread stick and squash.  The chicken was a bit scary looking so I removed it and just ate everything else.  It was surprisingly good.


  • New missile coming in

    New missile coming in

    We were shutdown for much of the day.  One of the pieces of equipment, the missile, (a manifold) had broken down and needed to be replaced.

  • The replacement got here about 2:30 pm or so and once everything was back in place they were back to fracing.
  • It’s interesting to see the reactions of the various crew members when they come in to find out that they’re shut down.  Some are happy as they know they’ll get some down time….others aren’t so happy as they don’t want to sit around and do nothing.
  • Even though we were shutdown the sand trucks kept coming.  A few days ago we had 28 sand trucks on the lease.  That’s a LOT of sand!
  • Our favorite salesperson gave us another treat when she came for her weekly visit.  This time it was cinnamon sugar pecans.  We haven’t opened them yet.  Maybe we’ll save them for a holiday treat!
  • One of the sand truck drivers gave me a bag of Mexican potato chips on his way out.  Told me if we liked them to let him know and he’d get us some the next time he went to Mexico.  Haven’t tried them yet.
  • Two reps from Clearwater came in and gave Michael 2 strawberry slushies from Sonic.  How nice was that??
  • Another yummy meal was delivered.  Fish, shrimp, cole slaw, mac & cheese.  It looked good.  Smelled good.  And it tasted good!


  • Daisy & Michael waiting for the next vehicle.

    Daisy & Michael waiting for the next vehicle.

    Gorgeous morning.  Didn’t hit 70 until 11:00 am or so.  Low humidity.  Overcast.  Very, very light sprinkles.

  • Still hitting the mid to high 80s every day.  Waiting for the 70 degree weather…even low 80s would be nice.
  • Fairly quiet day.  Minimal sand trucks, salespeople, etc.  Allowing time to relax a bit.
  • Daisy came around.  Michael gave her some of the horse treats I’d got for her.  She must love them cuz she followed him around after that.  She wanted water.  So he got a bucket and put some water in it.  He gave her a few more treats.  Then she didn’t want to leave.  The trucks had to honk at her to get her out of the road.  She was in NO hurry.
  • Beef stew, mashed potatoes, fried okra and bread were on today’s menu.  Another pretty good meal.  Woohoo!  We’re on a roll now!
  • Payday!  Our first paycheck since being back in the patch.  Felt great to put the entire thing on the credit card we’ve been using the past couple of months.

I’ve mentioned before about how nice/friendly/fun some of the crew can be.  One morning while working the shift change a truck of 3 guys came through from Breakwater.  I found them on the log sheet and read off their names to verify who was in the truck.  However, I could only pronounce 2 of the 3 names so this is what I said, “Martin, Fabian and somebody else…”  Well….that has come to haunt me.  That third name was Eusebio (pronounced U-say-be-O).  Now each morning as they drive up they all say, “Martin, Fabian and somebody else…” to which I respond, “Eusebio and the other guys”.  🙂

Michael received an email from Goodyear regarding the claim for the last blowout we had.  They will be reimbursing us for the two blowouts we had (one back in May) and the fender repairs on the coach.  We are very pleased.


4 Responses to Getting Into A Routine

  1. Donna Rogers

    Glad you had good results with Goodyear. That is why we stay with their tires.

    • Kelly

      We had a lot of people (including you) that told us that they stand behind their product….they did!

  2. Gayle Kuykendall

    2 questions: You say food is delivered–is that part of the compensation for your work or do you order from town? Love the horse, who does she belong to

    • Kelly

      Hi Gayle!

      1. The food is catered in for the frac crew and we are grateful to be included.
      2. Daisy (the horse) is a long story, kinda. The landowner leases this part of his land to his nephew. The nephew’s kids (5 and 6) wanted a horse so he’s borrowing her from his sister or aunt or something. Unfortunately, she’s not well taken care of but is the sweetest thing.

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