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We Survived Another Frac!

Friday morning started out nice and quiet.  I only had 1 vehicle come in the first hour and forty-five minutes of my shift….if you don’t count the 2 vehicles that were looking for another site 3 more miles down the road. It was easy to see that the frac would be ending in a matter of … Continue reading »

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Nearing the End of the Frac

Tuesday  We had a crew change a couple of days ago and we could tell by the number of sand trucks we had checked in and waiting to unload.  The last crew did a good job of coordinating their sand deliveries and we never had over 10.  Now we’re back up to having 15+ and … Continue reading »

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Quiet Weekend and a Crazy Horse

The bullet format I used with the last post seemed to work well so I think I’ll continue that since I have a few days to cover. Saturday  We’ve found that weekends tend to be on the quieter side and this weekend was no exception.  We only had about 160 vehicles pass through the gate. … Continue reading »

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Getting Into A Routine

Our days have become routine.  Work 12 hours, eat, sleep, repeat.  We try to make the most of the time we get together (usually about 4 to 5 hours per day).  I’m a big baby and really miss sleeping with my husband…you kinda get used to it after almost 30 years, ya know? Here’s a … Continue reading »

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“Hi, Mom!”

Things have been going very well.  Traffic has been very manageable – averaging about 230 vehicles (in & out) over the weekend.  The busiest times of the day, of course, are shift change – 4:45 (am & pm) to about 6:15 (am & pm).  But since we’re starting to get familiar with the ‘regulars’ things … Continue reading »

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