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Scrubbin' the roof

Scrubbin’ the roof

We’ve had a quiet couple of days not doing a whole lot or going anywhere.  Since We’ve been to San Antonio several times now sight-seeing hasn’t been on our agenda at all.

It rained for a good while on Saturday so I took advantage of the rainy day and worked on laundry and household chores and put a pot of chili on to simmer.  When it wasn’t raining Michael worked on cleaning the roof as it’s been driving him crazy all summer.  He ended up finishing the roof on Sunday evening.  With the roof cleaned Michael moved onto washing the coach.

Yummy and moist too!

Yummy and moist too!

Been working on filling up the freezer with easy ‘oil patch’ meals.  I’ve got several packages of spaghetti sauce and chili frozen and today I made a pot of chicken and noodles.  We had it for dinner and have enough left to put in the refrigerator for an easy peasy meal one night later this week.  I also made a batch of Pumpkin Muffins.  I saw the super-duper easy recipe on Facebook and thought I’d give it a whirl.  Since I hate baking this was right up my alley….2 ingredients, pop it in the oven and let it do its thing.  If you’re interested in the recipe just click the link above.

On Sunday we got an offer for a job working on a wind farm in the Texas panhandle – 500 miles north.  The job is 12 hour shifts, with Michael driving the truck and patrolling the roads while I would be in the yard in a guard shack.   It would be 4 days per week (1 day and 3 nights).  We’d stay in an RV park not far from the project and be compensated for 1/2 of the site fee..  The daily pay is a little more than that of gate guarding plus we’d receive pay for the use of our vehicle plus fuel. However, working just 4 days per week would give us about $500 less per month….but we’d have days off and time together.

We were a bit torn as we’d talked to our service guy a few days before and he told us to give him a call on Monday to see if they had a job or a place for us to park in the yard while we waited.

Neither of us was sure what to do so we decided to leave it up to the Lord.  We decided that we would wait until Monday when we called Gate Guard Services (GGS).  If they didn’t have a job or a place for us to park in one of their yards while we waited for a job assignment we would head north on Tuesday and take the job on the wind farm.

It was a long 24 hours while we waited to call GGS.  Discussing the options and what the outcome might be.  I called our service guy first thing this morning and was told that things were really starting to pick up and he thought we’d be given an assignment pretty quickly and to come on down, give him a call when we are on our way and he’d be able to tell us if we should go to the Whitsett yard or the Karnes City yard (hoping for Karnes City!).

So tomorrow morning we’ll be pulling out of the FamCamp here in San Antonio and headed south to the oil patch.  Either yard is about 60 miles away so there won’t be any rush.

Wish us luck (a semi-busy gate that is long-term!)!




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