Colonoscopy Day!

Posted by on September 26, 2014
Happy to get this over with!

Happy to get this over with!

We were up early so that we could be at the San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates (SAGA) office by 7:30 am.  We checked in and Michael was taken back to fill out some paperwork and get into his hospital gown while I waited in the waiting room.

I waited about 35 minutes or so before a nurse took me back to where Michael was lying on a gurney getting his IV started by one nurse and another nurse was asking him about the medications he takes and his health history.  As soon as the nurses had the information they needed they whisked Michael away to the procedure room and I was sent to wait in the waiting area.  I was told he’d be in recovery in about 40 minutes.

Sleepy boy

Sleepy boy

I was super surprised when I heard my name called about 25 minutes later and was led back to the recovery room where I found my ‘sleeping beauty’.  Michael immediately told me that he didn’t remember anything and that he was tired.  The nurse came in and told me to get him to wake up as it was almost time to go home.

Mr. Sassy Pants

Mr. Sassy Pants

Dr. Guerra came and spoke to us both just a few minutes after I arrived.  What a nice guy!  We were both very impressed with him.  He explained to us that he found one polyp, removed it and sent it for a biopsy – we’ll find out the results next week.  He also explained that most colon cancer begins with a benign polyp that is left to grow so it was great that

Up and ready to go....back to bed perhaps...LOL

Up and ready to go….back to bed perhaps…LOL

Michael came in for his colonoscopy.  He further explained that because he did find a polyp he recommended that Michael have another colonoscopy in 5 years rather than the normal 10 years.  He also recommended that his siblings and children have a colonoscopy every 5 years rather than the normal 10 since he did have a polyp.

We were pushed out of the clinic rather quickly…within 1/2 an hour of hitting the recovery room we were walking out the door.  No one was rude or obnoxious by any means, but they certainly wanted us out.

Michael felt that the worst part of the whole procedure was the prep – having to drink 4 liters of Trilyte in 8 ounce increments every 10 minutes.  The procedure itself was a breeze.

We made a quick stop at the McDonald’s drive thru to pick up a couple of breakfast sandwiches on the way back home to fill a couple of empty tummies.

We spent a low-key day at home allowing Michael’s sedative to wear off.  Nothing other than watching TV, surfing the internet and lounging….felt good.


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