Travel Day: Glen Rose, TX To San Antonio, TX

Posted by on September 23, 2014
Still looking like Texas Hill Country

Still looking like Texas Hill Country

Not much to do this morning to get ready to hit the road – just taking down the satellite dish & stowing it, unplugging the power and bringing in the slides.  With that accomplished we were pulling out of Oak Dale RV Park at 9:10 am – 10 minutes past our goal…unusual for us.

One of the ranch entrances on today's drive

One of the ranch entrances on today’s drive

We had a smooth drive for about an hour and a half….enjoying the scenery and happy to see my ranch gates that intrigue me so.  We even stopped and took a couple of pictures to share – but didn’t come across any that were particularly interesting.  We even drove past a young steer on the side of road that had some how gotten out of its fenced in pasture.  He looked a bit out of sorts and confused.  Thankfully he was back off the road quite a way.

Here we go again...

Here we go again…

While we were enjoying the scenery we heard an all too familiar ‘POW‘….damn it (sorry a swear word is needed here) if we didn’t have another blow out on the coach!  Michael did a great job of maneuvering the coach and truck over to the side of the road (but not before watching the coach fender go flying down the road behind us through the rearview mirror).

Debris everywhere!

Debris everywhere!

We got out and checked the damage – the front tire on the driver’s side was destroyed and the fender skirt (just replaced in July – read about it HERE).  We got back in the truck and determined where we were exactly on US 281 (2 miles north of Evant, Texas) and put in a call to our roadside assistance company who found a tire company in Gatesville to come and change out the blown tire with the spare.  You might remember that we had a blow out back in May (click HERE to read about it).

We were in a pretty remote place so it took a little longer for help to get to us this time but by the time it was all said and done we were back on the road about an hour and forty minutes later.

Hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, salad & fried okra

Hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, salad & fried okra

We stopped for lunch at the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls.  We had been there back in November 2012 (click HERE for that post)  and enjoyed it so we looked forward to stopping again.  It’s good home cookin’ – Michael ordered the chicken fried steak while I had the grilled hamburger steak with grilled onions.

Chicken fried steak, fries, pinto beans & carrots

Chicken fried steak, fries, pinto beans & carrots

The Blue Bonnet is really known for their pies.  The meringue on their pies is ridiculously tall….too high in my opinion but they sure are pretty.  We ordered 4 slices of pie to go:  cherry, pecan, banana cream & chocolate meringue.  We’ll sample them later tonight and tomorrow.

Check out that meringue!

Check out that meringue!

Before leaving we made sure to deploy and cap a couple of Munzee‘s in the parking lot of the restaurant.  There were a couple that had been deployed their last fall but they were so faded they were pretty much nonexistent.

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp - site 13

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp – site 13

We made a stop in Johnson City to put some fuel in the truck tank ($3.55 per gallon) before heading into San Antonio and making our way to the Ft. Sam FamCamp.  This is our 3rd visit to the park so we’ve gotten fairly familiar with the route.  We arrived after hours but there was a note for us with our site number on it at the office.

All of the sites here are pull-thrus so we had no problem getting into our site.  They’re also quite level which made for an easy set up too.  Michael got the satellite dish set up along with his other outside chores while I did my inside chores and got a load of laundry going.

We are in site 13 (after our luck today I’m not sure this is a good thing) and are here for a week.  Michael has a doctor’s appointment and we have a few other errands to complete before making ourselves available for a gate in the oil patch next week.

Today’s Heartland Sightings:

Landmark – 1
Big Country – 1
Cyclone – 1 (parked here in the park)


2 Responses to Travel Day: Glen Rose, TX To San Antonio, TX

  1. Donna Rogers

    We unmilitary folks were able to stay there when invited to my nephew’s graduation from boot camp. Since we had a gate pass we could bring our rig! Do call the Claims Dept. at Goodyear in Akron ( wish we still had the number). No hassle, paid for tires and repairs 3 times before giving us .H tires.

    • Kelly

      Glad you were able to stay here…very nice park and I always feel much safer (and at home) on a military installation. Michael does have the number – we have 2 different Heartland friends that contacted us also and provided the number.

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