Another LONG Overdue Family Visit

Posted by on September 18, 2014

Tuesday we had plans for lunch but first we had an errand to run .  You might remember that after the coach sat for 2 months while we visited our sons our bathroom MaxxAir fan wasn’t working.  Michael was able to determine that the ‘lift motor’ had died and would need to be replaced.  Since we weren’t in any one place for very long it didn’t work to order one and have it shipped to us.  However, he found that company, Airxcel, that sells them was located in Wichita.

Michael worked with a woman from the company, online, to get the part ordered and pulled from their inventory so that we could pick it up at their receiving dock.  We were at the receiving dock a few minutes later than what we had stated we would be but there was no problem.  We paid $20.75 for the part and now just have to get Michael up on the roof to install it.

AnnabelleOur lunch date was for noon and we had about an hour to spare so we stopped at McDonald’s, sat in the truck and used their free Wifi to update our phones and tablets.

Alan and Sabrina

Alan and Sabrina

We were meeting my niece Sabrina (my brother, David’s, 3rd child) and her family for lunch at Teppanyaki Sushi & Buffet.  Michael and I hadn’t seen Sabrina since April/May 1985 when she was 3 so it was a long overdue visit! She’s a grown, married woman with a 3-year-old daughter and 10 month old son now.

Sabrina’s parents separated when she was 3 and her mother remarried and moved east.  Michael and I got married, joined the Army and moved to Texas and our paths haven’t crossed until now, sadly.

Sabrina’s husband, William, was meeting us on his lunch hour so, unfortunately, we didn’t get a whole lot of time to get to know him.  But Sabrina and I chatted and exchanged stories about her family and about her father’s family.  Time went quickly and we decided to continue our visit at her home.

We spent nearly 3 hours at her home continuing our visit.  Annabelle, Sabrina’s daughter, took a nap while her baby brother, Alan, entertained us with his baby antics.  Sabrina pulled out a few photo’s to share and I filled her in on her aunts, uncles and cousins on my side of the family as she’s never met any of them and was curious.

Sweet baby keeping us all entertained

Sweet baby keeping us all entertained

We left shortly before 5:00 pm as Sabrina and family had a surprise party to attend.  It was so nice to finally see this woman I’ve been ‘friends’ on Facebook with for years and to actual get to hug her in person.  You can bet we’ll be through Wichita again!

We were home about 5:30 pm and decided on a simple supper of Campbell’s potato soup and later on we I made some popcorn to munch on while we watched TV.

Another wonderful day filled with family….my favorite kind.


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