Moving Day: Kearney, NE To Wichita, KS

Posted by on September 14, 2014

My internal alarm clock went off WAY too early this morning…before 6:00 am.  It didn’t help that Michael was sawing logs with a buzz saw…so up I got.  I relaxed in my recliner – answering a few emails, plotting today’s route etc until Michael got up shortly after 7:00 am.

On the go breakfast burrito

On the go breakfast burrito

With very little to do this morning in order to hit the road we buttoned everything up after I heated our breakfast burritos in the microwave so that we could eat them on the road.  and we were on our way to the dump station.  These breakfast burritos (recipe HERE) are so nice for travel days!  No dishes or mess to have to worry about.

The plan was to leave for the dump station at 8:00 am…we ended up pulling out of our site at 7:52 am and had no wait at the dump station.  Michael made quick work of dumping the tanks and we were on our way at 8:03 am.

We were only on the road about 50 minutes when we made a stop in Franklin, Nebraska at a Sinclair so we could get some diesel. It was $3.86 per gallon so Michael just filled up the truck tank…we’d rather fill up both tanks when we can get a better price for diesel.

Old farmhouse in a sea of  sorghum.

Old farmhouse in a sea of sorghum.

Pretty much the only way to get from Kearney, Nebraska to Wichita, Kansas is by smaller roads – so I was a happy girl!  We did come upon a bridge at one point that wasn’t marked for height and we were a bit concerned so I got out and walked in front of the truck for a short bit (no traffic anywhere!).  We had NO reason to be concerned we cleared it by a mile….but we’re a bit skittish when it comes to bridges after our Throg’s Neck Bridge adventure.  Read about it HERE!

Sorghum, Milo, Hegari, Milo Maize - whatever you wanna call it!

Sorghum, Milo, Hegari, Milo Maize – whatever you wanna call it!

We started seeing some kind of crop that kind of looked like corn but was quite a bit shorter and had like a red flowery-thinige on the top before we left Nebraska and continued seeing it the entire trip.  The first time we saw it it was just stalks (like corn)…we’re assuming it had been harvested but along the way there was LOTS more with the reddish-brown tops (similar to corn tassels but much bigger).  I ‘phoned a friend’ (posted on Facebook), asking if anyone knew what it was…we got LOTS of answers…most of which were sorghum or milo.  Milo is a type of grain sorghum so pretty much the same thing – just a different type of sorghum.  We also got ‘hegari‘ which it sounds like is what sorghum is called in the south.  We were also told my Michael’s mom that her father referred to it as ‘Milo Maize“.  It was a good lesson in horticulture for us!  Thanks to everyone for your help.

Lots of rolling hills ahead...

Lots of rolling hills ahead…

When we first entered Kansas it was fairly flat like Nebraska had been but after a while we started seeing some rolling hills and trees.  Actually quite pretty at times.



We crossed into Kansas shortly after stopping for fuel and were a bit surprised that we were already there….not paying much attention, I guess.  This makes another state for us….but that will be the last until next year when we hope to hit North Dakota and Colorado.

We stopped at the Salina, Kansas Walmart to pick up a few groceries to last us until Wednesday when we can get to the commissary here at McConnell Air Force Base.  We had originally planned to have lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen but there was an Applebee’s across the street and we still have gift cards…soooo….Applebee’s for lunch it was!

We like their 2 for deals so we went with the Macaroni & Cheese w/Honey Chicken Tenders and the BBQ Ribs and split the meals between us.  You also get an appetizer so we went with our favorite Spinach Dip.  Everything was very good and the service was good to boot.

McConnell AFB FamCamp  - site 2

McConnell AFB FamCamp – site 2

We only had 89 miles to go to our destination after lunch and it went quite smoothly…just the way we like it.  We found our way to the main gate on McConnell Air Force Base, showed our ID cards and were granted admittance.  We had to check in at the Air Capitol Inn (lodging) and were greeted by a very friendly young lady.  She got us checked in, gave us directions to the FamCamp and gave us some tips on some local restaurants to try.

Waterfront property in Kansas!

Waterfront property in Kansas!

We made our way to the FamCamp, got settled in our pull-through site and Michael got the water, sewer, electric and satellite up and running.  Inside I got all the slides put out, groceries put away, things put in their normal places, laundry started and the Green Bay Packers game on….all in less than an hour!  Have I mentioned how much I love my life??

We are set up in site 2 on a brand new concrete pad, across the road from a nice catch and release fishing pond.  The site isn’t the prettiest we’ve had but for $18 per night, full hook up and a nice view….you can’t beat it!

We are here for 4 nights.  On Thursday we’ll head south to Oklahoma City.


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