Repair and Destroy

Posted by on September 13, 2014

Friday morning we woke up to 39 degrees outside and we ended up turning on the furnace for a little while to take the chill out of the air…not long….half an hour maybe.  The fireplace, on the other hand, was cranking it out all day long!

We had a relaxing day at home not doing much of anything which was much welcomed.  Michael built a fire and we spent some time relaxing in front of it while watching the campers flood the park.  When we got here there were less than a dozen campsites in use and none in the area that we are in.  By the time we went to bed that was no longer the case, unfortunately, as the whole row on our door-side was filled along with across the lake from us and elsewhere in the park.

Zack giving the 'stink eye' while in the recovery room

Zack giving the ‘stink eye’ while in the recovery room

Our son, Zack, had knee surgery yesterday.  He tore his ACL playing football his senior year of high school but when the surgeon got in to do the repair he found that it was only 40% torn so he left it saying that a partial original ACL was better than a reconstructed one and that it would last several years.  It lasted 10 years.

Besides repairing the ACL he had quite a bit of cartilage damage that required a graft from the top of his knee.  He was hoping that they wouldn’t have to do the graft but once inside it was apparent that it needed to be done so now instead of having just 3 small incisions for the arthroscope he has an incision the length of his knee.

He was home before dinner and feeling pretty good due to the nerve block he was given.  Today the nerve block started to wear off and he was experiencing quite a bit of pain.  I think he was trying not to take his pain meds too much and went a bit longer than he should have….he’ll learn how long he can go in between soon enough.

He has a long recovery road ahead with lots of rehab but he’s young, strong and determined….he’ll do great.

Oh yum!  Baked Chicken w/Orzo and Peas

Oh yum! Baked Chicken w/Orzo and Peas

Last night I tried a new recipe that I found on Pinterest and was very pleased with the outcome.  Baked Chicken with Orzo & Rice – it’s a nice comfort-food type recipe and quite easy to make – you can be sure we’ll be having it again.  If you’re interested click HERE for the recipe.

Brrrr!  This morning we woke to 35 degrees inside and 56 inside!  LOL wasn’t long after Michael got up that he turned the furnace on again to warm the house up again….but once again only for about 1/2 an hour – doesn’t take long.  It warmed up to about 60 or so so we were even able to turn the fireplace off today!

I’ve been working to get the remainder of the 100 songs that Dan and I agreed on completed and turned in to him.  This morning I finished the last 27 songs (I’ve been working on them for about a week) and got them submitted and sent an invoice for payment.  Not sure if they’ll have more work for me or not at this point but I enjoyed it so I hope so.  Dan tells me that the website should be launched this week.  I’ll let you know when it is so you can check out my handy-work!

Since we’re moving tomorrow today would normally be a ‘move prep’ day but since we have no water or sewer that wasn’t much for Michael to do outside other than take down and store the satellite dish.  So all that’s left to worry about is putting the electrical cord away and stowing items inside.  We hope to be pulling out of our site by 8:00 am so that we can try to beat the rush to the dump station.

My advice to you:  Don't leave camp chairs unattended next to a fire on a windy day

My advice to you: Don’t leave camp chairs unattended next to a fire on a windy day

Michael had a fire going today in preparation of us sitting alongside it.  He’d set the tables and chairs out and was putting the satellite dish away.  It was quite windy….and you guessed it!  First one and then the other chair…right in the ol’ fire!  Michael is not batting 1000 when it comes to destroying our property….don’t forget the shower door!  Strangely enough we bought the chairs exactly one year ago today when we were in Hershey, Pennsylvania – read about it HERE!  You win some…you lose some….ugh!


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