Moving Day: Council Bluffs, IA To Kearney, NE

Posted by on September 10, 2014

It rained well into the night and there were even flash flood warnings for our area but we stayed dry and had no problems in the Cracker Barrel parking lot.

We were awake about 7:00 am and laid in bed for a while before dressing and heading into the restaurant for breakfast.  We had a very nice Mexican gentleman named Alexander for a waiter (both of his sons have Alexander as their middle name too!).  We enjoyed our breakfast and were in no hurry to hit the road so we goofed around on our tablets for a bit before heading out to the truck about 9:00 am.



Another one bites the dust!

Another one bites the dust!

We were only on the road for 10 minutes or so before we were leaving Iowa and entering Omaha, Nebraska – a new state for us!!.  I was surprised at how large Omaha (about 500,000) was.  There was lots of construction as we traveled through the first part of the city.  I couldn’t help but remember the old ‘Mutual of Omaha’ commercials…and could hear the narrator in my head over and over and over!

The 187 mile drive was uneventful and quite boring actually.  Sorry to any of you Corn Huskers but Nebraska is boring…probably worse than Iowa!

The Archway with a fellow Heartander in the foreground!

The Archway with a fellow Heartander in the foreground!

Shortly before arriving at our destination we passed under The Archway, a center dedicated to the prairie pioneers and the challenges they faced while looking for a better way of life.  Might have to keep this place on our radar….could be in interesting place to visit.

We made it to Kearney, Nebraska about 12:30 pm and are set up at the Ft. Kearny State Recreation Area.  It’s a pretty park with 7 small lakes.  The campsites are all pretty much set up around the lakes so most everyone has a water view.

Ft. Kearny State Rec Area - Site 85

Ft. Kearny State Rec Area – Site 85

We only have 30 amp…nothing else…but are only here for 4 nights so that really shouldn’t be an issue.

Within an hour of arriving I had ‘lupper’ on the table – chicken, zucchini & onion stir fry with rice and peaches on the side.  It hit the spot and was easy to throw together.

Lake number 5 - as seen from the back of the coach

Lake number 5 – as seen from the back of the coach

After getting things situated at our site we headed out to the main road for some firewood.  We were told that about a mile down the road there was wood for sale by a local boy scout troop…$5.00 a 5-gallon bucketful…we got $10.00 worth and headed back home.

Michael started a fire right away and it felt great as the temperature never got much more than 62 here today.  We did have to put on our sweatshirts too as our arms didn’t quite get the warmth that our legs did!  We enjoyed the fire for about an hour and a half (when it burned down) and then moved inside to enjoy a fire in the fireplace.


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